Mum blogger living in squalor drinks wine to cope with kids ‘driving her crazy’

Mum blogger living in squalor drinks wine to cope with kids ‘driving her crazy’

November 27, 2019

A mum-of-seven has admitted she drinks wine to help her cope with her children 'driving her crazy'.

Constance Hall has spoken out about the difficulties of looking after a home as a modern woman – and how she has ended up living in squalor.

A 60 Minutes Australia camera crew found stained carpets and clothes on the floor when they visited her house.

The popular Aussie blogger lets her children eat with their hands, run wild in supermarkets and even skip baths.

She told 60 Minutes: "This is the modern family, this is what I blog about.  

“We’ve got equal rights to go work but we [women] still have to do 90 per cent of the housework anyway.

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“So what did that even do for us? It’s just made us even more tired.

“Unless we just stop of course and live in squalor which I’m obviously kind of what I’m doing and trying hard not to."

In one clip from the programme, one of her kids can be seen dragging another across a supermarket on their belly.

She jokes that her children are 'driving her crazy' and says 'this is why I drink wine ladies'.

Mrs Hall has created a multi-million dollar brand through her realistic depiction of family life, Mail Online reports.

Her Instagram posts are often at odds with the flawless pictures uploaded by other influencers online.

She is also known for her brutal honesty, telling her followers that she 'checks out' as a parent after 7.30pm and enjoys her own time.

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