Mum applies lashes and full face of makeup after C-section – sparking debate

Mum applies lashes and full face of makeup after C-section – sparking debate

March 11, 2022

A mum-of-four sparked debate online when she did an impossible "makeup challenge" after delivering her baby at hospital.

Makeup artist Zenaida went viral after posting a makeup video, saying: "Me after my C-section trying to leave the hospital."

Wearing her hospital gown, she puts on a hairband and draws on her eyebrows. She then proceeds to put on face cream, concealer and foundation to create a smooth, dewy glow.

Zenaida also shows each product she uses on camera – from blush to contour powder.

Then she puts on false eyelashes to make her eyes look bigger.

At the end she laughs while showing off the finished look to her boyfriend, who has been waiting for her the whole time.

"My boyfriend judging me," she wrote.

The makeup process left viewers stunned as it was lengthy and required plenty of products.

While some wondered how she got the strength to do all that right after giving birth, the parent explained: "It's not my first rodeo.

"It's my fourth baby. I still do my makeup regardless."

One said: "This is unreal. I didn't stand up straight for three weeks after mine."

"Respect girl! I was in so much pain, I thought I was dying the first week," another added.

But some said Zenaida should spend more time bonding with her baby instead of doing makeup.

"Like who are you going to impress? Your baby?" a viewer blasted.

A second commented: "To leave the hospital? I see what's important for you then."

"Hopefully she won't kiss the baby after all of that," a third shared her thoughts.

In Australia, a mum was criticised for feeding her daughter KFC chicken three times a week for dinner due to her fussy behaviour.

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