Mum, 52, charms lads younger than her – and they’re often amazed by her real age

Mum, 52, charms lads younger than her – and they’re often amazed by her real age

September 29, 2022

A mum opened up about her youthful looks as she claimed she's never had Botox.

Ella Anderson, 52, often gets mistaken for someone half her age as younger lads usually ask her out for a date.

In fact, people always think the London mum is in her mid-30s.

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Speaking to NeedToKnow, Ella said: "When people see me, they think I'm in my mid-thirties – they can't believe it.

"Over the last several years I developed my own facial exercises which give me a natural lift and Botoxed look.

"I love how I look with them and saves me from ever needing to go under the knife, which I'd hate."

During her facial exercises, she spends 15 minutes each evening where she locates the muscle and finds the resistance.

Ella places two fingers and moves the muscle in the opposite direction for 10 seconds before moving to the next area.

Then she religiously does it for a few minutes, granting her enviable young looks.

She's also been exercising in the gym where resistance training "re-shapes" her body.

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Ella said: "It was when I turned 38 that I realised my face and neck was changing, and not in a good way.

"Gravity was beginning to take its toll. My cheeks were drooping, nasolabial folds starting to set-in, my eyelids were starting to hood, and just subtle but very ageing changes were starting to take place. And I didn't like it.

"I realised the only reason my body was holding up so well, is because of all the resistance training and exercises that I do.

"So I started learning about the muscles in my face and neck and discovered that just like how doing heavy-weight squats can make one's glutes bigger and fuller, resistance training facial exercises can also lift and shape the face."

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Her youthful looks also see her flooded with attention with lads in their early 30s approaching her in bars.

The singleton says her usual type writes her off and mistakes her for being younger, while men half her age aren't keen on dating older females.

She said: "I have dated a mix of guys. Some are 10 years young and some 10 years older. My preference is 50 or older. But the problem is guys that age may look at me, but just assume I'm so much younger, so they don't approach me.

"And the older guys that do approach me seem a little disappointed when they soon learn that I'm not some 'young thing'."

She usually shares her routines on TikTok where she boasts 11,000 followers as users are in awe of her appearance.

One said: "OMG you have got to be kidding. You look amazing."

Another commented: "52?? No way I don't believe it," a third added: "Gorgeous. Your skin is flawless."

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