‘Most introverted’ zodiac sign ‘avoids people like the plague’, claims expert

‘Most introverted’ zodiac sign ‘avoids people like the plague’, claims expert

June 4, 2023

In Western astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs all with different personality traits and characteristics.

According to an astrologer at Astrotalk, only six of the 12 can be considered “introverted”, meaning they enjoy opportunities for reflection and solitude.

The expert stated: “Quite easily the most introverted zodiac sign out there, Aquarius finds everyone they talk to below their IQ level.”

Because they cannot stand small talk, they “actively avoid other people like the plague”.

But this sign’s introverted nature has nothing to do with being shy – in fact, Aquarius actually suffers from a “God complex”.

According to the astrologer, Aquarius “finds themselves to be the most interesting”, so they absolutely adore their own company, whether they are holed up in cute coffee shops or just chilling at home.

Pisces is another introverted zodiac sign, according to the astrologer, with a “penchant to reside in their own little bubble”.

“Dreamer” Pisces loves their friends and loved ones, but they also love the “colourful and interesting” thoughts inside their own head.

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According to the astrologer, Scorpio is “very intense by nature” so struggles to find people who “can match up to their fiery personality”.

This sign also has “major trust issues”, so is slow to bring new people into their circle.

Taurus has “mastered the ability to seem like an extrovert”, but is an introvert at heart, the astrologer claimed.

While Taurus loves to party and socialise, they are not very good at compromise and tend to fall out with those who don’t agree with them.

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Cancer is another introverted sign, as it takes them a long time to open up and “trust” someone fully, and their apparent shyness could be seen as a “defence mechanism”.

This sign is great with strangers, always making others feel comfortable, but they are slow to cultivate “permanent” friendships.

Finally, Sagittarius likes being alone because they “constantly find themselves bored of conversations and people”.

Their “fierce independence” also stops them from relying on others too much, and they “may leave out of the blue” if they sense they are being pushed.

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