Morrisons launches a Jaffa Cake doughnut

Morrisons launches a Jaffa Cake doughnut

November 9, 2019

For £1.50 for a three-pack, you can now get Morrisons’ new Jaffa Cake doughnuts.

The sweet treats have an orange and chocolate filling, a chocolate glaze and a Morrisons jaffa cake on top. They’re also iced in-store.

Morrisons recently announced the launch of their new doughnut on Facebook in a post that featured images that said: ‘What’s better than a delicious Jaffa Cake? One with a Jaffa doughnut attached.’ It has since clocked more than 3,200 comments.

‘They taste amazing! Definitely one of the best doughnuts I’ve ever had. Nearly as good as Krispy Kreme doughnuts,’ wrote one Facebook user.

This news comes right after the supermarket chain rolled out a few other offerings for the silly season. Vegetarians and vegans can now sink their teeth into a plant-based pork pie this Christmas, thanks to Morrisons’ ‘secret recipe’. These no-pork pork pies will hit the aisles on 9 December, so have that brown sauce at the ready.

Morrisons also decided to one-up good ol’ Greggs with a vegan sausage roll of their own, except they’ve added a few more inches. The chain recently launched a monstrous foot long version using soya mince blended with tasty herbs and spices.

If you’re still seeing orange and jaffa cakes are the only treat for you, you can turn to Aldi for their new dessert-inspired candle range which includes a jaffa cake candle. Imagine kicking back in the tub with that wafting through the air.

If scented candles are a little too delicate for your liking, you can step things up a notch with this Irish chip shop’s deep-fried jaffa cakes.

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