Money saving expert Martin Lewis shares £300 energy saving deal on This Morning

Money saving expert Martin Lewis shares £300 energy saving deal on This Morning

November 11, 2019

Martin Lewis appeared on ITV'S This Morning to reveal the money-saving tips.

Speaking to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, he said: "I'm calling it a hidden price cut.

"That's probably not a good description but that's a good way to think of it.

"You get £300 off a typical British Gas energy bill and similar applies to other customers of EDF, Ion and Scottish Power.

"Normally you go and compare to get the cheapest tariffs out there, they're the small providers and usually no one has ever heard of them and they're scared of switching to them.

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"Right now, wholesale prices, that's the prices the energy companies pay, they've come down.

"So many of the big companies, the ones the majority of people are on, have dropped their prices too but only for switchers.

"The most important thing to remember is for someone on typical use more or less, is if you're on a basic standard tariff you are on £1,178 a year.

"British Gas at the moment, it's cheapest tariff is duel fuel energy plus protection until December 2020."

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Martin revealed it's a one year fix which means the price can't go up and should cost £907 a year.

However, you can't just ring the provider and switch onto the cheaper tariff.

"These tariffs are only available via a comparison site," the expert revealed.

Martin reassured those who do not want to switch companies.

He added: "This is about staying with your same company, same gas, same electricity, safe safety, same customer service.

"The only difference is the price, it's £270 a year cheaper."

Scottish Power and EDF also have deals on at the moment, available through comparison sites.

Ion has a deal on which you are able to access via phoning in.

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