Mind-boggling puzzle asks players to spot four hidden kiwis among adorable birds

Mind-boggling puzzle asks players to spot four hidden kiwis among adorable birds

July 14, 2022

A new head-spinning puzzle could leave you baffled for days.

The brainteaser was created by Hungarian Gregerly Dukas, aka Dudolf, and it's certainly difficult.

It features closely packed brown kiwi birds which look incredibly similar to the exotic fruit.

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Only a few eagle-eyed players will succeed as the fruit is almost impossible to spot.

But, of course… You can prove us wrong!

Dudolf shared the puzzle on Facebook as a tricky challenge for his followers.

If you want to brag about how well you did, make sure you leave a comment below!

Hundreds of players have since given it a try and shared their results in the comments section on Facebook.

One said: "I had found three, still looking for number four."

Another admitted: "The fourth took surprisingly long. Those kiwis are shy little rascals aren't they."

While a third user chimed in: "I saw four potatoes and lot of masked kiwi fruits."

If you're struggling with the answers, just focus your attention on the top right hand corner and work your way down.

The kiwis are plain and distinguishable from the birds.

But if you're really finding it hard, just scroll down to the bottom for the answers.

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There are three items each in five puzzles – a total of 15 items. The best score is around 68 seconds.

And a mind-boggling optical illusion has an iPhone 12 hiding somewhere in the photo.

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