Miguel And Nazanin Mandi Confirm They've Reunited After Separation

Miguel And Nazanin Mandi Confirm They've Reunited After Separation

March 21, 2022

Singer-songwriter Miguel and model Nazanin Mandi are high school sweethearts who earned the couple goals hashtag from many fans. So when they announced their split last fall, those same went into a frenzy.

But over the weekend, the couple attended the Smokin Grooves Festival in Los Angeles and told The ShadeRoom they’re back together. 

When asked, “Everybody wants to know this answer, is Miguel still with his wife or no?” 

The Grammy-award winner responded with a confident “yes.” He then called Nazanin, who was a few feet away over and said, “Baby, say hi to the people. We happy.”

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In 2021 the pair announced they were breaking up after 17 years together and nearly three years of marriage. In a statement to PEOPLE magazine at the time, a rep for the couple said, “After 17 years together, Miguel and Nazanin Mandi have decided to separate and have been for some time now. The couple both wish each other well.”

But soon after, it appeared that the pair were working on their relationship when they uploaded similar posts on Instagram back in February.

Nazanin wrote as the caption, “Heal the root so the tree is stable. I’m so proud of us. The Pimentel’s xoxo”


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Miguel uploaded similar pictures and his caption read, “Love heals” and “Proud of us.”

The lovebirds met when they were 18—Nazanin interviewed Miguel while he was promoting his first music video. The model told Vogue back in 2018 that one of her interview questions was whether Miguel had a girlfriend and he responded, “No, but I’m looking for one.” 

She continued explaining the genesis of their relationship saying, “We exchanged numbers, and he called me the next day to ask me out on a date… and ever since then it’s been one hell of a ride!”

We are happy that the couple is choosing love and looking forward to seeing more of their PDA on our timelines. 

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