Men think shirtless photos boost their chances on dating apps – but they don't

Men think shirtless photos boost their chances on dating apps – but they don't

July 16, 2020

According to a new study, 90% of men think flashing their flesh on dating apps is more likely to boost their chances.

However, it seems the exact opposite is the case.

A survey by found that men who use a topless photo on their profile actually get 25% fewer matches than those who don’t.

The study interviewed 2,000 random users across the company’s dating apps, before comparing them with gathered data.

Results showed that while men thought posing topless was a good idea, a staggering 66% of women said they found shirtless pictures immature. 

In addition to this, 79% of women said it’s unlikely they would date a man who had a shirtless selfie on his profile. However, 15% did say they would be open to a hookup, and 9% would consider a friendship.

One takeaway from the study is that this was not the case if the situation was reversed.

Research found women who had bikini pictures on their profiles were 40% more likely to get matches.

It’s worth pointing out that the study doesn’t specify whether this dislike for topless photos is also the case for LGBTQ+ men.

However, the study did note that the LGBTQ+ community are four times more likely to include a shirtless picture on their dating profile.

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