Melky Jean Reminds You It’s ‘Okay To Take Time For You’ In New Song ‘Lose Urself’

Melky Jean Reminds You It’s ‘Okay To Take Time For You’ In New Song ‘Lose Urself’

September 24, 2021

With a bit of ‘positive vibes and a whole lot of love, singer Melky Jean encourages you to shut out the chaos of the world and ‘lose urself’ in a moment of bliss.

The grind is real. Being alive takes a toll on a person, and that exhaustion lies within “Lose Urself,” the new song from Grammy-nominated songstress Melky Jean. In the new track, she sings about how “the bills are due,” how her “credit’s bad,” how “the house is dirty, the kids are crying, the dog needs walkin’, and I wanna go.” It’s enough to make anyone lose their mind, but instead, Melky encourages you to lose yourself. Instead of giving in to the stresses of the day, Melky encourages you to “clear your mind,” break away from the moment, and find “positive vibes, calm and joy.”

Joy is the perfect word to describe “Lose Urself.” It’s an energetic dance track that pairs well with Melky’s emotive and seductive vocals. It’s hard to not forget about the problems of the world while listening to the track, and that’s exactly what she wants. “Guess what? You deserve a break. And guess what? We all are going through it,” Milky shares with HollywoodLife. “We have our good days. We have our bad days. But this song ‘Lose Urself’ is about taking time for yourself in losing yourself in the moment.”

“Whether you just want to be free, whether you just want to dance, whether you want to just let go. You have three and a half minutes to listen to the song and elevate from all of the noise,” she adds. “Submerge yourself in the positive energy of the words of the song and ‘lose urself.’ It’s okay to take time for you. And that’s exactly what you want to when you hear this record: take time and just ‘lose urself.’”

“Lose Urself” marks the return of Melky after a few years away from the music industry. Melky – the sister of Wyclef Jean, who himself followed his sister’s lead regarding music comebacks – first gained the attention of the music world in the mid-1990s. Her vocals could be heard on the soundtracks to shows like The Chi and movies like Love Jones, Little Nicky, Two Can Play That Game, and The Hurricane. She’s also known for touring with her band, A Tribute To Soul Music, weaving her original works in a set that gives love to legends like Joe Cocker, Celia Cruz, and Tina Turner, just to name a few.

When she’s not busy with the music world, Melky is giving back with The Carma Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to addressing the needs of women and children in her native Haiti. She used her music to help her homeland with her 2011 song, “Better (CARE For Haiti),” one year after the devastating earthquake rocked the island.


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