Meet the 3 best friends planning to self-isolate together – in their 70s

Meet the 3 best friends planning to self-isolate together – in their 70s

March 19, 2020

When Doreen, Dotty and Carol – three best friends in their 70s – found out they may be required to self-isolate for an extended period of time, they decided there was only one way to do it – and it would require a lot of wine.

At times like these, good news stories are more important than ever. As we read stories of people panic buying and stockpiling without consideration for others, it can make us feel pretty rubbish about the state of the world – and then you read a story like Doreen, Dotty and Carol’s.

The three women, who are all over 70, spoke about their plans for self-isolating together in light of the coronavirus outbreak on BBC Breakfast this morning. Because the government is expected to advise people over 70 to self-isolate for an extended period of time to protect themselves from infection, the three best friends have come up with a plan for the coming months – and their positive approach to it all has taken the internet by storm.

Speaking about what they would do if the government were to issue emergency advice, the trio explained they’d be spending seven days in their homes to ensure they were free from the virus before bunking down together.

“If we were still fit and well, we would decide which house we go and live in,” Doreen told presenter Jayne McGubbins. “We’ve all got the same amount of rooms, for bedrooms we’re alright.

“We’re in Carols at the moment,” she continued, going on to weigh up their residential options. “Dotty’s got a lovely long back garden, which would be great for exercising. I’ve got no garden – but I have got a yarden. I have got a front room, in case we get tetchy with each other. That might be handy.”

The trio also laid out their plans for entertainment – and introduced McGubbins to their stockpile of wine.

“I’ve got Netflix so we could watch The Crown,” Doreen explained.

“We’ll have a supply of wine in,” Dotty chimed in. “Cheers!”

Unsurprisingly, the internet fell head over heels in love with the trio and their positive attitudes.

“What fabulous ladies. I want to be in their gang when I grow up!” one person wrote.

“This is brilliant!” replied another. “It’s a fantastic way to relieve loneliness and stay safe! Hats off to these ladies for taking care of each other!”

“OMG this is amazing! Totally me and my bezzies 50 years from now,” added a third.

As far as self-isolation plans go, this has to be the best approach we’ve heard so far. 

Image: Netflix with design by Alessia Armenise

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