Media Vet Evan Shapiro Says “We Are Entering New IP Era” – Mip TV

Media Vet Evan Shapiro Says “We Are Entering New IP Era” – Mip TV

April 17, 2023

The TV industry is entering a new era of IP being spread across streaming, linear, audio and gaming, according to media vet and Emmy nominee Evan Shapiro.

Delivering the Mip TV Media Mastermind keynote, Shapiro urged TV makers and studios who are yet to embrace multiple platforms to “not eliminate parts of your ecosystem simply because you’ve never done it before.”

“You have to think about how to reach the consumer with each piece of IP on different platforms,” added Shapiro, as he unveiled his latest Media Map showing how the major players fit within the current state of the industry.

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“Don’t only think about binary traditions. Streaming, linear and social are all combining on a day-to-day basis and we are entering a new era.”

Shapiro, an NYU Business Professor who was an EP on Portlandia, stressed a “Yes… and” approach to making content and said players will get left behind if they don’t.

“Relevance and freshness” are key to streamers’ success in the current ecosystem, according to Shapiro, and he forecast a “great cutting back” on SVoD subscriptions as consumers choose to change what they are subscribing to almost every month.

“What used to be linear-channel changing has become streamer churn,” he added. “This overturn of consumers is creating a revolving door.”

Striking a more optimistic note, he rejected the notion that young people are not willing to pay for streaming services.

According to a recent survey conducted by Shapiro, Gen-Zs ranked “cost” as their fifth most important consideration when considering whether to subscribe, below the likes of “relevant content,” “number of originals” and “library size.”

As Mip TV gears up for its debut Free Ad-Supported TV (FAST) Summit, Shapiro said the growing trend of FAST will not replace cable TV or streaming.

“The economics are hard to think about,” he added. “FAST, AVoD and SVoD are really all combining into one economic model. We have to stop thinking about them as walled gardens but rather we need to blend them together.”

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