McDonald’s to swerve 10pm curfew with loophole that allows 24-hour drive-thrus

McDonald’s to swerve 10pm curfew with loophole that allows 24-hour drive-thrus

September 24, 2020

Restaurants and pubs now have to shut by 10pm under new government guidelines – but Brits can still get a McDonald’s.

While late-night table service and drinks are a no-go, we can order takeaways or head to drive-thrus after the curfew.

During his address to the public on Tusday, Boris Johnson said: "Businesses and venues selling food for consumption off the premises, can continue to do so after 10pm as long as this is through delivery service or drive-thru."

Thankfully for burger fans, they’ll still be able to get their Maccies around the clock if they head to a drive-thru that’s open for 24 hours a day.

In an email sent on Wednesday, McDonald's UK and Ireland CEO Paul Pomroy revealed Covid safety measures have already been put in place so the fast food giant “can continue to safely provide that overnight service”.

Around 800 of its drive-thrus will be offering this service to customers.

Paul added: "With thanks to our delivery partners Uber Eats and Just Eat, more than 800 restaurants will also be offering McDelivery past 10pm."

The McDonald’s boss plans to “be guided by local and national government regulations”.

He added that there are some “exceptions” to the 24 hour Maccies rule, which are typically when a local area is placed under lockdown.

Those who aren’t visiting McDonald’s after curfew can continue to get table service.

Customers who are eating in are required to wear a mask unless they are eating.

They must also follow social distancing guidelines in place in the outlets.

Paul said: “Dine-in customers will continue to be served by table service, with numbers inside the restaurant carefully managed to ensure we maintain social distancing.”

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