Martha Stewart makes a fuss over crazy trick for perfect eggs

Martha Stewart makes a fuss over crazy trick for perfect eggs

January 11, 2019

Martha, girlfriend, nobody is going to use this “egg hack.”

Lifestyle legend Martha Stewart posted an innovative albeit out-of-touch trick she says makes the most perfectly fluffy scrambled eggs: it involves using, you know, that extra espresso machine you have laying around.

The badass domestic doyenne and businesswoman extraordinaire suggests using the milk frother on the appliance, which costs hundreds of dollars even for a just OK version, to essentially steam your eggs.

“The process is simple,” claims the post titled “What’s all the fuss about Martha’s scrambled eggs?” on her official website.

“Crack the desired number of eggs into a heatproof jug or mug, season with salt and pepper, and add butter. Mix the eggs with a fork. Insert the foamer wand from the espresso machine into the heatproof jug and let the steam ‘froth’ (aka cook) the eggs until they are light and fluffy. The whole process takes mere minutes, there’s no pan to clean, and you have a quick breakfast to eat as is, or with sausage, smoked salmon (Martha’s favorite), or toast.”

It’s unclear whether this would then result in egg-tasting coffee next time you use it. But when you just so happen to be the namesake of a line of household products at Macy’s, it probably doesn’t matter anyway.

This “hack” is a strange flex on her part. But hey, she’s the expert.

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