Man’s clever hack removes creases from worn-out trainers using an iron

Man’s clever hack removes creases from worn-out trainers using an iron

March 1, 2021

A man has come up with a genius hack to get rid of creases from a worn-out pair of used sneakers – by ironing them out.

"Shoe doctor" Miguel Solorio, from Riverside, California, US, showed the money-saving tip on TikTok and Instagram to restore a pair of Nike classics, AirForce 1, using the household appliance.

Sharing it on his account @theshowlorios, he first stuff a piece of cloth or small rug into the shoe.

He says: "Make sure you put a lot of pressure in it. Once you've done that, you double-check to see if it's even.

"Now you get a towel and damp it, then place it on top of your shoe [where the crease line is]."

To remove the crease line around the area where you normally bend your feet, Miguel passes an iron over the area on top of the dampened towel.

"Once you feel your shoe is done, take the cloth off and see the results," the expert continues.

"Wow, look at that."

The creases are significantly reduced and the leather on the front part of the shoe appears smoother than before.

Viewers were impressed by the quick result and some even asked Miguel for more details.

The self-proclaimed expert answered in the comments that he used cold water to damp the towel and added: "You don't need an expensive iron for this.

"When using the damp towel or shirt, make sure it isn't one that's textured."

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  • The clip has garnered more than three million views and many saying the tip has saved them $150 (£107) to buy a new pair of Nike shoes.

    A viewer said: "Absolutely genius, I'm really into keeping my white shoes clean but I never knew about this. Thank you!"

    "Thank you so much!" a second wrote. "I needed this so bad."

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