Makeup artist mom and daughter transform into fantasy characters

Makeup artist mom and daughter transform into fantasy characters

November 22, 2019

Mommy-daughter dress-up! Talented makeup artist transforms herself and her little girl into fantasy characters, unicorns and My Little Ponies – and Instagram is obsessed with her skills

  • Makeup whizz Dehsarae Mahra transforms herself and her daughter
  • Her little girl Khayah regularly stars in themed makeovers with her 
  • The mom-and-daughter duo have taken inspiration from Disney, My Little Pony, Rugrats and more  
  • California-based Dehsarae, 29, also has a baby called Zai
  • Khayah began learning theatrical makeup tricks from her self-taught mom when she was just three-years-old

A creative mom has found an alternative to story time, as she opts for interactive fantasy-themed makeovers on herself and her daughter instead. 

California-based Dehsarae Mahra and her daughter, Khayah, seven, have turned their attention to everything from Disney villains to fairy princesses. 

Oftentimes, Dehsarae will transform herself into the ‘evil’ character of the duo, allowing Khayah to become the star of the show. 

Colorful! Popular Instagram makeup guru Dehsarae Mahra enlisted her daughter Khayah, left, to take inspiration from My Little Ponies in an awe-inspiring transformation 

Mommy and me: Khayah, seven, often takes part in her talented makeup artist mom Dehsarae incredible tutorials, turning into things like sugar skulls, pictured

Characters: The duo look to well-known characters like Snow White (Khayah, right) and Evil Queen (Dehsarae) for ideas for video tutorials

Cartoons: The self-taught makeup artist tries her hand at Powerpuff Girls’ Him, left, while Khayah becomes Bubbles in a recent video

‘I would describe our looks to be very fun, very interactive and very unique to us as a mother and daughter duo,’ Dehsarae told Good Morning America.

‘I get to show the one that I love the most all my tips and tricks and I get to share my passions with her.’ 

The self-taught talent has amassed over 280,000 followers on Instagram and 12,000 on YouTube with her inimitable makeup looks. 

‘I think that a lot of people love the looks that we pull off together because we have so much fun in our videos,’ she said. 

‘I make sure that she doesn’t feel the pressure of Instagram likes and comments and I want that experience with her to just be our experience.’   

Popular looks include Rugrats and Powerpuff Girls characters, yellow-tinted minions, cute bunnies and looks inspired by rainbows or unicorns.

Villains: Mom Dehsarae will often play the evil character, such as Batman villain Poison Ivy, while Khayah is the goodie like Robin

Pixar: A recent transformation saw Dehsarae, left, and Khayah become Toy Story’s beloved Buzz Lightyear and Woody

Challenge: Khayah, pictured left and right with her mom, said she loves to use her imagination while taking part in the videos in which she turns into animals and characters

Sometimes, they’ll even partake in video formats such as ‘blind makeup challenge’ or ‘Khayah does mommy’s makeup’.

‘We usually do characters,’ Khayah said. ‘Mommy’s usually the evil side and I’m usually the good side.’

Khayah herself started playing around with makeup when she was just three-years-old.

‘It’s so fun, you just get to use your imagination,’ the adorable little girl said. 

‘Khayah is actually a very fast learner,’ the proud mom revealed. 

‘She knows how to follow directions really well, which is why it’s been super successful doing these makeup tutorials with her.’ 

Family: Dehsarae pictured at home with Khayah and her younger sister Zai 

Creative: Dehsarae has amassed over 280,000 followers on Instagram thanks to her amazing makeovers, left and right

And sometimes critics weight in on whether Khayah should be wearing cosmetics, but Dehsarae said it doesn’t bother them.

‘I feel like everybody is so hung up on the fact that she’s young and she’s wearing makeup.

‘They don’t realize that she’s actually having a lot of fun and she’s actually being able to express herself in the ways that she wants to.’ 

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