Love Horoscope 2022: Star signs most likely to find ‘romantic connections’ in the New Year

Love Horoscope 2022: Star signs most likely to find ‘romantic connections’ in the New Year

December 30, 2021

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Spiritual Expert and Psychic Reader at Psychic Sofa, Estella, revealed what’s in store for the different star signs when it comes to finding love in the New Year.


Estella said “2022 is all about change and Aries are likely to be faced with many challenges that will shape the destiny of the year.”

“As the year starts, Venus is in Capricorn, and for Aries, this will mean that it’s going to be much easier for you to communicate with your partner, or find love!

“However, in the second half of the year, Jupiter will move into Leo, which is likely to lead to more passion being in the air and will be a great time for you to find your match.”


“You’re stubborn, Taurus, which makes embracing change difficult, especially as we move into the new year,” Estella said.

“The stars don’t suggest much in the way of change for a Taurus’ love life, which can be both a positive and a negative depending on your current relationship status.

“For those that are headed in a good direction, things will continue to grow, however, those who are struggling to find love may see these challenges continue.”


“For Gemini, the coming year looks to be one filled with big decisions which could open up new pathways and possibilities when it comes to making deep, romantic connections,” Estella explained.

“For those already in a relationship, this will mean growing a stronger connection with your partner. For Gemini’s trying to find love, try to pay close attention to romantic relationships and you may see improvement in your love life,” she recommended.


2022 will be a good year for Cancers according to the expert. “The stars indicate a lot of new connections being made.

“And with Venus beginning and ending the year in Capricorn, Cancer can expect their romantic relationships to become stronger than ever in 2022,” she unveiled.


Estella said: “Although your year will be dominated by professional endeavours, love is definitely on the cards in 2022.

“But Leo’s will need to improve their communication skills in order to see stronger relationships being built, which could even lead to marriage within the year! April and September are the ideal time for a wedding, as Venus is travelling through the different star signs, including Leo in July, throughout these months.”


The star sign will face some big decisions this year and they are likely to find a partner relying on them very heavily which may be challenging.

“Virgos will need to be understanding and empathetic without letting their partner take advantage of them. It’s important to discover people’s true colours at the start of the year in order to decide if they’re the right match for you,” she explained.


“You will have very intense feelings towards your partner this year, Libra, however these feelings will not be as passionate as they may have previously been,” Estella warned.

“This could either improve or hurt your relationship with your partner depending on their own star sign.”


Estella explained: “Scorpios will have some fantastic love connections throughout the year, with some major changes in their love life on the way.

“For Scorpios in a relationship, you may find that an engagement is on the cards this year, so don’t be scared to commit if you feel happy and secure in your romantic relationship.”


The expert warned Sagittarius not to fall into temptation in 2022. “This year will be dominated by romance for Sagittarius, and new impulsive feelings will lead to exciting events for new and existing romantic relationships.

“The most important thing for committed Sagittarius is to avoid falling into temptation this year as your partners may not be as forgiving!”


Estella explained the end of 2022 will be the best time for the star sign to find love.

“With Venus in Capricorn for January, November, and December, the beginning and end of the year are the perfect time to find love, as this is likely to give you more confidence and charisma, which will make you seem more attractive to potential partners.”


“Your decisions in 2022 will be vital, Aquarius, and you can expect to see many doors opening and closing this year.

“With Venus in Capricorn, you may be dealing with lots of emotions this year so you’ll need to find a healthy way to process and deal with your emotions to maintain meaningful and strong relationships,” she said.


“Pisces chances of finding love this year will depend on their ability to communicate effectively and focus their efforts on people who match their creativity and ambition.

“Pisces will find the most luck in the love department between February 25 and March 20,” Estella revealed.

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