Love Actually writer debunks popular fan theory

Love Actually writer debunks popular fan theory

December 15, 2018

Richard Curtis’ partner DEBUNKS Love Actually fan theory that suggested a Downing Street matchmaker had a hand in PM David’s romance with his assistant Natalie

  • One of the creators of Love Actually has debunked a popular fan theory 
  • Many believe that the Prime Minister’s chief of staff set him up with Natalie 
  • They theorised that she had slipped Natalie’s Christmas card in the PM’s stack
  • Emma Freud has debunked this theory, though she says it is a nice idea 

Richard Curtis’ other half has debunked a popular fan theory about one of his most enduring classics; Love Actually.   

Across 15 years of watching it religiously every Christmas since its release in 2003, viewers have pointed out all sorts of hidden meanings and secret sub-plots in the festive comedy – including that Hugh Grant and Martine McCutcheon’s characters were secretly set up by a Downing Street matchmaker. 

Hugh’s character David, the Prime Minister, realises his feelings for Martine’s character, Natalie, are reciprocated, when he’s presented with a pile of Christmas cards sent in by members of the public, with a Post-It on it marked ‘random sample’. 

Many Love Actually fans have claimed Annie, David’s chief of staff, played by Nina Sosanya, ensured Natalie’s card – complete with its sweet message signed ‘I’m actually yours’ – made it onto the PM’s desk in order to encourage them towards their happy ending. 

But Emma Freud, a script writer and editor and the long-time partner of rom-com king Curtis, said in an interview: ‘That was certainly not in Richard’s mind.’  

A popular Love Actually fan theory including the characters of Prime Minister David (left), his chief of staff Annie (middle) and his assistant turned love interest (right) has been debunked by Emma Freud, who helped write and edit the script

In the film Natalie (played by Martine McCutcheon) confesses her love to the PM (Hugh Grant) in a Christmas card (pictured). Many fans believe that Annie slipped the card into the random sample she’d given him from members of the public

Freud, who is in a long-term relationship with Love Actually director Richard Curtis, 62, told that the theory isn’t correct – but went on to say she thought it was a nice idea.

She even suggested it made ‘a lot of sense’ – but confirmed it was not a deliberate plot point.  

‘That was certainly not in Richard’s mind but I think he’ll want to agree with it because that idea does make a lot of sense,’ she said. 

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‘You’re absolutely right. If he’s only going to get 20 Christmas cards and only one of them is private and romantic, somebody must have had a bit of a say in that.’

A misunderstanding between David and Natalie – when he thought he saw her in a clinch with the US president, played by Billy Bob Thornton – led Hugh Grant’s character to have her moved to another Downing Street department where they would no longer cross paths. 

Natalie addressed it in her Christmas card to lovelorn David – and the penny finally dropped that she had felt the same way about him all along. 

In the same interview the writer answered another fan question about how David could have found out where Natalie lived.

Emma has revealed that the theory is a nice idea but wasn’t intentional when the script was being written. Pictured: Emma (right) with long-term partner and Love Actually director Richard Curtis (left)

After he’d realised his true feelings for her the PM went knocking on doors until he found her house, instead of the most simple option of asking a member of staff to look up her address.

Emma said: ‘He has this big secret so he has to sort it out himself and can’t say to a member of staff, ”Find her address,” without it looking suspicious.’

Emma and Richard have been together for 28 years and have four children together but have never tied the knot.

But earlier this year she revealed that she proposed to her other half early on in their relationship.

She also explained why David (left) had to knock on doors to find Natalie (right), explaining his love for her was a secret so he couldn’t ask one of his team to look up her address

Speaking on the podcast Love Stories with Dolly Alderton, she said: ”We went to Regent’s Park and we went down on one knee and said, ‘Will you marry me?’ and he said, ”No.”’

Richard asked for six months to ‘think about it’ – after which he presented her with a ring and said: ‘Look I don’t want to get married, but can we be not married for the rest of our lives?’ 

The pair, who are responsible for rom-com classics Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill and About Time, first met when Freud interviewed Curtis about his work with Comic Relief for BBC Radio 4. 

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