Looking To Try Something New To Combat Or Prevent Your Holiday Hangover?

Looking To Try Something New To Combat Or Prevent Your Holiday Hangover?

December 3, 2018

Attack you New Year’s hangover from several directions

There are always new and different hangover products on the market, but instead of trial and error or waiting out the overindulgence underneath your duvet, stock up with a few of these items before your holiday parties start so that you have a fighting chance of making it out the door the next day.

The Daily Beast combined a list of new products to try with an emphasis on nature, medical advice, and just making you feel better while “the fog lifts.”

The first suggestion is to rehydrate and combat a headache with vitamins and minerals. Trying Thrive is a good first step to feeling human. Thrive is a frozen cup of pre-cut fruit that just requires you to add water, milk, yogurt, or a combination of liquids, blend, and pour back into the provided cup. No sugar added (sugar is an enemy of hydration) and get on with your day.

Need something more than just a smoothie can provide? Try Morning Recovery, which is an adult-friendly electrolyte solution made by the University of Southern California Pharmacy School. They created a proprietary blend of minerals and vitamins to combat the body’s loss of potassium, salt, B vitamins, Milk Thistle, and DHM. It comes in peach flavor in a six pack, and the recommendation is to drink one before going to bed.

Sometimes it’s just comfort that’s needed, and if you just need some downtime and a cuddle, try the Huggable Llama Heating & Cooling Pack. Better yet buy two, and reserve one for heating (in the microwave) and the other for cooling (in the freezer). The reusable heating and cooling pads are filled with buckwheat and relaxing lavender.

Grandma had a point when she suggested the Epsom Salts could cure most anything, but like most home remedies, this one has been improved. A Pink Himalayan Salt Bath with rose petals will get you feeling well rested and on the road to recovery with a nice soak that has a detox kick. The Little Market suggests rubbing the salts against your skin in a warm tub to improve circulation.

Aromatherapy can be one of those things that’s hit or miss. The wrong scent or too strong of a smell can intensify a headache and even throw your stomach off balance. But Jo Malone is well-known for getting the balance for her candles, home fragrances, and perfumes just right with the skills of an apothecary.

Her Dark Amber & Ginger Lily candle is gentle while bringing your senses back to life slowly, particularly if you want to take another hour or two to sleep in.

Happy Holidays!

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