London's top dogging hotspots have been revealed

London's top dogging hotspots have been revealed

October 31, 2020

With lockdown restrictions preventing people from meeting up in homes or forcing them to social distance, sex may have been off the table.

Rather than getting busy in their homes, though, some people have decided to use it as an opportunity to take advantage of the great outdoors… by going dogging.

Dating website DatingRoo found that there’s been an 85% increase in people searching for outdoor hookup spots over the last year, with people stuck indoors for longer, experts think they’ll become even more adventurous.

According to Datingroo: ‘Dogging is when people meet up in cars, be it in a car park or elsewhere and watch each other have sex. Some may join in, others may just be lurkers, whatever gets you going.’

With that in mind, they looked at thousands of posts on dogging forums online, scoping out the places in the capital where folks take their cars and do the deed. Here they are.

Shoreditch Park

Apparently, the top place to go dogging in Shoreditch Park is near the tennis courts.

If the forums are to be believed, around sundown is when things start to get busier. Although given at the moment that’s about 4.30pm, we’d advise waiting until actual night time if you are going to go.

Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath has long been considered a hotspot for doggers, cruisers, and cottagers.

Typically, this area has been synonymous with gay hookups, but its popularity means you can likely find people of all orientations who share your passion for nature.

Queens Park

Queen’s Park is located both in the boroughs of Brent and Westminster (depending on which part you go to).

This area is known for its family-friendly activities and facilities, so we’re not entirely sure why it’s become a hotspot for voyeuristic sex.

The Tower of London

You’d have to be pretty brave to go dogging here, given it’s where the crown jewels are held and it probably constitutes treason.

According to one commenter on a dogging forum, you’re usually ‘able to usually find a good mix of young tourists and business men looking for fun during lunch break.’

Hopefully this is also during the guards’ lunch break, as you don’t want to end up in some sort of dungeon (or do you?).

The car park at the O2

You may know the O2 as the spot where countless musicians have played to thousands of fans – or as the former Millennium Dome.

However, its ground hold a dark secret. According to a dogging site: ‘Very, very close to the O2 Arena you will find a secret spot.

‘Head towards the O2 Arena along Millennium Way, and just past the gas tower, take a left. Drive down the ramp and pull up on the left. It is hard to believe such a spot could exist so close to the Blackwall Tunnel and the O2 Arena itself.’

Hard to believe indeed, but there we are.

Please beware if you do fancy a spot of dogging, that you aren’t currently allowed to have sex with anyone you don’t live with, and aside from coronavirus restrictions getting caught could land you with charges for public indecency or disorderly conduct.

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