Locals rage as neighbour sends them cards telling them to shut up at 10pm on NYE

Locals rage as neighbour sends them cards telling them to shut up at 10pm on NYE

January 1, 2022

Many of us have sore heads after bringing in the new year.

But some local residents in Houston, Texas, planned to have a quiet night instead of celebrating the festivities.

They were so determined to sleep restfully that they even nagged people on their street to keep the noise down past 10pm.

In a passive aggressive card sent to their neighbours, they wrote: “Wishing you joyful moments, happy memories, and a very merry Christmas."

They followed this up with a cheeky request, adding: “Dear Neighbour,

“As we are all well aware 2021 has been a very difficult year for so many in our neighbourhood."

They continued: “For some it was a loss of job, for others a loss of income, and for many of us a loss of health.

“This holiday season we are asking each of us to come together by showing our kindness and consideration for these neighbours going through difficult times.

“It all begins by eliminating loud music and fireworks after 10 PM.

The card concluded: “The best gift we can give is a Silent Night.”

Unsurprisingly, residents didn't take kindly to the bossy note.

On Reddit, a local shared a picture of the letter.

They admitted to being confused about why the request was made.

The Redditor said: “Honestly most of the noise comes from the apartments about a mile away because they like to shoot fireworks during Christmas and New Year.

“Not sure why they sent the cards to the houses as I've lived here for 27 years and I've yet to see anybody pop fireworks or have loud music anywhere other than the apartments.”

While some didn't take kindly to the card, others defended it.

One commenter admitted: “While that's a little out there I'm not really opposed to the message.”

And another said: “Since when is being a courteous neighbour considered a bad idea?

“I would also be upset if somebody was playing loud music and blasting off fireworks at 10:00pm.”

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