Little Drummer Girl fans gripped by explosive ending

Little Drummer Girl fans gripped by explosive ending

December 3, 2018

Gripping finale of The Little Drummer Girl – which was DIFFERENT to the ending of John le Carré’s book – sees fans demanding a BAFTA for ‘sensational’ young star Florence Pugh

  • Charlie bonded with terrorist Khalil after she met him in the penultimate episode
  • They ended up in bed together but ever cautious he questioned her commitment
  • Unknowingly he triggered his own fate when he acted upon his suspicions
  • Pugh, a BAFTA Rising Star 2018 nominee, on track to become a household name  

Fans of The Little Drummer Girl have called for awards plaudits for its ‘mesmerising’ star after Sunday night’s thrilling final episode.  

Florence Pugh, 22, has played thespian-turned-spy Charlie for six episodes, recruited by Israeli spies to infiltrate a Palestinian terrorist organisation with the help of Alexander Skarsgård’s agent Gadi Becker. 

Following Sunday night’s episode, fans took to Twitter in droves to insist her emotional performance deserves a BAFTA nod.   

In the finale, Charlie found herself in a remote location with terrorist Khalil, who was building a bomb for his next attack, having managed to reach the heart of his cell.   

The couple engaged in a dramatic confrontation after ending up in bed together, which saw suspicious Khalil unknowingly seal his own fate by removing the batteries from Charlie’s clock radio – ignorant to the fact it was a pre-arranged signal to Gadi Becker to take out Khalil.  

One viewer called Pugh ‘sensational’, while another tweeted: ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if Florence Pugh’s future included an Oscar or two.’ 

The nail-biting ending of the TV adaptation differed from the John le Carré novel it was based on, which sees the former actress suffer a mental breakdown, in that she and Becker looked set to rekindle their romance as the credits rolled.    

Charlie (Florence Pugh) was confronted by Khalil in the gripping finale of The Little Drummer Girl after they had spent the night together in a remote location

Charlie had grown close to Gadi Becker (Alexander Skarsgård pictured) while being an undercover spy infiltrating the Palestinian terrorist organisation

Fans of the BBC espionage thriller gushed over the lead actress Florence Pugh and said that she deserved a BAFTA award for her work on the series

Pugh was previously nominated for the BAFTA Rising Star award at the beginning of the year, ahead of her performance in the BBC espionage drama, and fans are now hoping she makes the shortlist for 2019.

Viewers gushed over the lead actress’ performance with one saying: ‘You deserve a BAFTA for the Little Drummer Girl acting amazing.’

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‘Just finished the superbly made #littledrummergirl on the BBC. The cast in general was excellent and I wouldn’t be surprised if Florence’s future included an Oscar or two, a very talented actor and one to watch,’ added another.

One said: ‘Just now watching #littledrummergirl Damn Florence Pugh is amazing.’ 

‘The cinematography on #thelittledrummergirl has been stunning throughout, but the final episode was exquisite. Extraordinary direction from #parkchanwook, mesmerising performances from [Michael] Shannon & Skarsgård and a travesty if there is no @bafta nod for the sensational @Florence_Pugh,’ commended one. 

Charlie had been taken to a remote cabin by Khalil where they spent a passionate night together, but he grew suspicious of her 

Unbeknownst to Charlie when Khalil had first picked her up he had removed the batteries in her clock radio, she had replaced them and he questioned why she would do that

Khalil didn’t believe Charlie was telling the truth about who she really was and threatened to kill her, she begged him not to remove the batteries as she struggled to figure out where her loyalties lay

Charlie had been so convincing towards the end that Becker and his boss Kurtz feared she may have changed sides, with her loyalty now with the Palestinians. 

Spymaster Kurtz secretly planned to allow Khalil to run away with Charlie, letting him escape with his life so that she could remain at the heart of the terrorist cell as the Israelis undercover mole.  

In the book version the idea isn’t raised, with the Israelis in agreement that Khalil should be killed, and Charlie should return to her normal life.

Khalil unintentionally sealed his own fate when he removed the batteries from the clock radio after picking up Charlie. 

Becker had told Charlie that removing the batteries from the radio would be a signal – the green light for him to kill Khalil. But she replaced them as she struggled to decide where her loyalties truly lay.  

But as Khalil confronted Charlie following their night of passion he asked her who she really was – and asked her how the batteries had been replaced – leading him to suspect she was a spy.

He held a gun to her head before pulling out the batteries once more, which – unbeknownst to him – signalled to Becker and the team to ambush and kill the terrorist leader. 

The signal between Charlie and Becker was the removal  of the batteries as it meant she was in danger, but she was left distraught when Becker burst in and gunned down the terrorist 

In the book Becker and Charlie go their separate ways for a while with both going through different torment. In the TV series he secretly sends her a pack of cigarettes with his address on

The pair are reunited at Becker’s home, with him inviting Charlie in bringing in his teacup and teapot as the programme ends

Charlie was left distraught. Struggling to cope with Khalil’s death at the hands of Becker, she was sent to Israel to recuperate where he eventually contacted her by sending a packet of cigarettes with his address on.

She went to find him and the gripping series came to a close with him inviting her inside. 

In the Le Carre novel Charlie has a mental breakdown and finds it impossible to return to her thespian career. 

Becker is also tormented but then they are reunited while she is on a theatre tour and he is sitting in the audience.

The Little Drummer Girl boxset is available to watch on BBC iPlayer for 28 days 

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