Lilt fans spot telling detail on packaging that hinted at drink’s future

Lilt fans spot telling detail on packaging that hinted at drink’s future

February 20, 2023

Many Lilt fans were left heartbroken to learn the popular fizzy drink is being totally rebranded.

It was revealed last week that the pineapple and grapefruit sparkling drink has been rebranded to fit more in-line with its parent company, Fanta, which is owned by drinks giant Coca-Cola.

However, eagle-eyed people have noticed that there was a detail on Lilt packaging which hinted at this outcome all along.

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Along with its 'totally tropical' stamp, you may not have noticed that there was something else which appeared on Lilt cans too – the Fanta logo.

The words 'By Fanta' were literally plastered over it – however it seemed like its presence went straight over the heads of those who drank it.

So, the transition from Lilt to Fanta seems like it has been more gradual than we thought.

Commenting on this gradual shift in packaging, Coca-Cola said: "The drink has made its way into the Fanta family over the past few months, with changes to its packaging and logo."

Despite the Lilt name being no more, fans can still get their 'totally tropical taste' fix as the drink's packaging will be the only thing changing – not the contents inside.

Instead of the iconic pineapple and grapefruit illustrations and turquoise background with the slanting green 'Lilt' text, it'll now be rebranded to a new Fanta flavour – 'Fanta Pineapple & Grapefruit' – joining the likes of Fanta Orange, Fanta Strawberry and Fanta Lemon.

The new Fanta packaging officially hit stores last Tuesday (February 14) and is available in 330ml cans, 500ml bottles and two-litre bottles.


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