Like Twitter? Bad news, ladies – it’s one of the qualities that makes you most boring to men

Like Twitter? Bad news, ladies – it’s one of the qualities that makes you most boring to men

January 25, 2022

ARE you constantly glued to your mobile phone? It might be time for a digital detox.

Men have taken to Reddit, an online discussion website, to reveal the things they find most unattractive about women.

And, having an obsession with social media came out on top as the most “boring” trait.

Taking to the portal, user ‘HiMyNameisJohnD’ asked the internet: “What make a woman boring in your opinion?”

A contributor called ‘cabe565’ replied: “She's more interested in how her life looks on social media than how her life actually feels.”

While ‘Hawks_2008’ added: “No hobbies, not engaging in conversations, too focused on social media etc.”

A Reddit user called ‘Dementat_Deus’ wrote: “When she just keeps droning on and on with the latest gossip.

“Not many women I've met are really bad about it, but the few that are, are literally the most boring people I've met.”

Being unable to laugh at yourself or not respecting other people’s interests was also dubbed as unattractive.

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‘JudahLebrowitz’ said: “Inability to flirt back or make jokes back. I give it a while to see if they open up, but if they never do, it's a bad sign.

“If we're together for a long time, there will be times the only things we can say to each other are jokes or flirty things. They need to be able to play off me or let me play off them. Otherwise it's just not fun.”

While ‘Wolfey1618’ added: “If she dislikes or doesn't respect my interests.”

Meanwhile, women who have a variety of hobbies and passions – unsurprisingly – were said to be the most interesting.

‘Cross-Country’ said: “When what she wants in life is to ‘have adventures’.”

A user called ‘BlueSignRedLight’ added: “One word answers and no passion for anything. I don't care if it's knitting, be passionate about something!’

A contributor called ‘the-rogue-one’ agreed, adding: “No interests or passions too much one way talky talky talky.”

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