Libbie Mugrabi blasts her own tunes at Hamptons hotspot with ‘speaker bag’

Libbie Mugrabi blasts her own tunes at Hamptons hotspot with ‘speaker bag’

August 16, 2022

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At least the thieves didn’t get her Balenciaga boombox.

When art-collecting socialite divorcee Libbie Mugrabi arrived at Almond in Bridgehampton over the weekend, we hear, for its weekly gay party, she didn’t like the music and started blasting her own instead.

Sources said Mugrabi, who was the victim of a high-fashion heist last month in Europe, entered Almond carrying a Balenciaga “speaker bag.”

(For the fashion challenged: The obscure bag is a new collaboration by Balenciaga and high-end audio line Bang & Olufsen. There are only 20 in existence, and they can only be purchased at Balenciaga’s Paris store, for about $13,000.)

A source told us of Mugrabi: “Libbie wasn’t thrilled with the disco music playing so she turned her bag on and played Kanye West’s song, ‘Gold Digger’” instead.

The source said Mugrabi’s table started “dancing and singing along” when “the maitre d’ rushed over and told Libbie, ‘You’ve got to turn your bag off! It’s distracting from our own music.’ It was hilarious!”

A manager at the hotspot confirmed the incident to Page Six, but downplayed Mugrabi’s revelry, telling us: “They came in early, it wasn’t party time, they were sitting at a table — and she just started blasting music.”

The staffer added: “Guests were saying, ‘It’s too loud! We cannot hear each other,’ and one of the managers went over” to tell Mugrabi to turn off her tunes.

According to the Robb Report, the speaker bag was unveiled last month at the fashion house’s couture show in Paris. It’s crafted from “solid aluminum” and is “pearl-blasted, anodized and hand-polished,” and even features 18 hours of battery life.

Last month, the Post reported that Mugrabi, who has her own accessories line and is the ex of art scion David Mugrabi, was the victim of a heist, when thieves stole $500,000 in clothing and jewels.

She said: “My entire jewelry box with $200,000 of jewelry… was gone. I bought a ton of things at Balenciaga in Paris… and those things were all gone.”

Apparently they overlooked the speaker bag!

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