LeBron James Becomes First Player to Triple-Double Against All 30 NBA Teams

LeBron James Becomes First Player to Triple-Double Against All 30 NBA Teams

November 22, 2019

LeBron James has made NBA history.

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar, 34, became the first player in league history to log a triple-double against all 30 NBA teams after his performance on Tuesday night against the Oklahoma City Thunder, ESPN reported. A triple-double is when a player records double-digit numbers in three different stat categories during a game.

James had 25 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists to drive the Lakers’ 112-107 victory over the Thunder.

Following the game, the NBA legend told ESPN that he “had no idea” he accomplished this feat.

“Coach [Frank] Vogel came in here and said congratulations,” he said. “I was like, I thought he was joking about my seven turnovers because I’ve been taking care of the ball so much. He said first player in NBA history to have a triple-double versus 30 teams, every team, so I was like, ‘OK. That’s pretty cool.’ “

LeBron James

Tuesday night also marked James’ fifth triple-double through 14 games, which included a stretch of three straight triple-doubles during a road trip through Dallas, San Antonio and Chicago, according to ESPN.

The NBA player that is closest to accomplishing the goal next is Russell Westbrook. Currently on the Houston Rockets, Westbrook has only the Thunder missing from his triple-double resume, ESPN noted.

LeBron James

Frank Vogel, who was named head coach of the Lakes in May, called James’ accomplishment “unbelievable.”

“He’ll say it’s because he’s been in the league for so long, but we all know that it’s because he’s remarkable,” Vogel said, ESPN reported. “For him to be doing it for as long as he’s been doing it, that’s how you knock out all 30 teams with a stat like that. I don’t know if that will ever get accomplished again.”

The achievement comes after  the team’s game against the Bulls last week at Chicago’s United Center arena, where James fired back at a spectator who was repeatedly heckling him during the sporting event.

“Your lady’s embarrassed to be with you,” he said back to the fan, as seen in a video recording captured by another crowd member. Another vantage point shows James telling the fan to “relax” and “enjoy the game.”

LeBron James

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As one heckler approached the bench area, continuing to speak toward the players, security guards intervened to diffuse the situation.

The negative fan interaction didn’t impact James performance, however.

Along with the Lakers winning 118-112, James secured his third consecutive triple-double, an achievement not reached by a Lakers player since Magic Johnson 32 years ago.

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