Lady Gaga Reveals Her ‘Sweet’ Connection To Glenn Close After Critics’ Choice Tie

Lady Gaga Reveals Her ‘Sweet’ Connection To Glenn Close After Critics’ Choice Tie

January 15, 2019

Glenn Close and Lady Gaga won Best Actress at the Critics’ Choice Awards in a shocking tie, but the ‘A Star Is Born’ actress revealed an even sweeter way she’s connected to Glenn!

Lady Gaga, 32, will forever be linked to Glenn Close, 71, after the two split the Best Actress award at the 2019 Critics’ Choice Awards on Jan. 13. Yet, it turns out, these two were destined to be together – because Gaga’s mother and Glenn are friends! “Really,” Gaga told reporters at the Critics’ Choice awards, “they met each other and became friends. They went out together and had lunch. It’s a funny story. They decided to go to New York, where my mother used to live. It was pouring rain outside and Glenn and my mom sat outside my mother’s house or her old apartment.

“Someone let them in and they went upstairs,” Gaga added. “My mom got to see her old apartment. Just a sweet little story but what I think really brought them together is kindness. Glenn has a foundation in support of kindness and this is something that is so important to me and my mother. We want to inspire people to help make a kinder and braver world.”

Gaga revealed her mother’s friendship when she accepted the away. “My mother and Glenn are good friends, so I’m so very happy that you won this evening,” she said while fumbling with her written speech, according to Entertainment Tonight. “I am so honored by this…I went to places in my mind and in my heart that I did not know existed or that I could. …It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done — to relive something that I’m not quite sure I wanted to relive. But I was able to be vulnerable in a way that I never have before because of that love and that trust.”

Oddly enough, Gaga and Glenn weren’t the only tie of the evening. Amy Adams and Patricia Arquette tied for Best Actress In a Movie Made For TV or Limited Series. Many publications have noted that Gaga and Glenn’s results mirror what happened in 1969 when Barbara Streisand shared the Best Actress for Funny Girl with Katherine Hepburn, who won for The Lion In Winter. Ties are possible at the Oscars, but as the Washington Post notes, it’s unlikely. The last time was in 2012 when Skyfall and Zero Dark Thirty shared the award for best sound editing

It’s good to know that Gaga and Glenn are tight because it’s possible that the two will be up for the same award when the Oscar nominations are announced. If Glenn tops Gaga, like she did at the Golden Globes, perhaps the kindness that brought them together will help soothe things out?

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