KUWTK Recap: Kourtney Confronts Poosh Employees for Disrespectful Behavior

KUWTK Recap: Kourtney Confronts Poosh Employees for Disrespectful Behavior

April 16, 2021

“The way Auntie Kourt let her employees talk to her is unacceptable. I really wish the Malikas would try me like this.” – Nori.

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(NOTE: The below was not actually written by North West.)

What Happened After Caitlyn Jenner Asked For Kris' Help On KUWTK

The episode started with Kylie showing Kim her new car. She designed a custom black Rolls-Royce with a pink interior with “Stormi’s Mom” labeled on the inside.

North West: I thought we edited this out?

Later, Kris told Kourtney that she needed some advice from her and Kim, but Kim wasn’t present so she called her on Facetime. Kris let the girls know that Caitlyn’s friend Sophia called and said she was concerned about Caitlyn because she’s looking for something to do. Sophia and Kris started talking about ideas for Caitlyn, but Kris was unsure she wanted to go down the road of helping her ez. Kris had managed Caitlyn for 20 years, but in the past few years their relationship had been rocky. Kim thought it was a big deal for Cait to be reaching out and believed it could be therapeutic for Kris to give some business advice. Kourtney thought Kris would be the bigger person for offering to help. However, Kris wasn’t sure what she was going to do.

NW: There is a lot of history between Caitlyn, so Kris had some serious decisions to make: Should I take 10% or 20%?

At Kourtney’s house, she was conducting a Poosh meeting. Because of the pandemic, she and her team had been working remotely. The Poosh team consisted of Kourtney’s actual best friends, Sarah and Sam. Poosh had two events that had to be canceled because of the pandemic, so they were working on ways to do things virtually.

Back in Malibu, Kris asked Kim and Khloe if they felt the earthquake the night before. Kris went outside after the earthquake and she saw unusual lights. She turned around for a second, looked back and the lights were gone. Khloe said they were for sure aliens and that she actually saw a UFO years ago. She had the footage in her phone, but Kim didn’t think the lights were extraterrestrial. Khloe said strange things always happened to her because she’s open to it. She was fascinated by Kris seeing a UFO and was determined to prove to Kris that she saw aliens.

Khloe and Tristan had a call with a UFO expert, Preston. Kourtney joined them later. Khloe was excited, but Tristan was a little skeptical. Khloe asked Preston how she could see a UFO. He recommended that Khloe get up at 9 pm to 3 am with a powerful flashlight and send out a mental message because E.T.s are really telepathic. He said he’s had a lot of success with this technique. Kourtney thought she saw a UFO once, but it turned out to be a paparazzi drone. After her talk with Preston, Khloe was ready to go on a UFO hunt.

NW: Okay, the UFO storyline was pretty awful, but in our defense two of our writers suddenly quit. This is the best we could come up with at the last minute.

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Later, at lunch Kourtney told her sisters that she was dealing with drama with her Poosh team. She called everyone individually to check on things and felt like everyone was venting and complaining about each other. Kourtney didn’t think she should have to deal with it. She also got into a fight with her employee and friend Sam.

Kourtney suggested that she and her team do an in-person, lunch meeting with social distancing to clear everything up, but she got a lot of push back from the team. People were saying they couldn’t make it or that they had other plans like camping. Kourtney reminded the team that Friday was a workday, but Sam responded saying that she couldn’t make it and she needed more notice since she had three kids and no help. She then proceeded to remove herself from the text thread because she didn’t like the vibe of the chain. Scott and Khloe thought that was unacceptable. Khloe understood that it was hard to work with your friends, but she told Kourtney to lay down the law before they walked all over her. Sam disrespecting Kourtney on a group chat with all of her employees was not okay and it set a bad example for the team. She needed to set some rules and boundaries for everyone.

NW: This reminds me of the time she told me at a Christmas Card shoot, “Im leaving at 4 pm and I don’t care what anyone else says.” Glad she now knows how it feels to have people who you are already overpaying not want to do the bare minimum. THIS IS KARMA!

Khloe and Tristan headed to a mountain trail with rocks that people think were placed there by aliens. The trail is supposed to have amazing alien energy and they could get crazy dreams after the visit. By the end of the day, Khloe thought the trail was beautiful, but it wasn’t what she expected. Since it was a disappointment, she wanted to try again.

Later, Kim informed Scott and Khloe that Caitlyn’s friend Sophia called about business advice. Khloe felt like Kris was the best person to get it from, but she wasn’t sure where her mom’s headspace was at. Scott wanted to know what everyone’s relationship with Sophia and Caitlyn like. Kim and Khloe said they spoke to Caitlyn and Sophia every once in a while, but that’s because they’ve been busy during the pandemic. They insisted there wa no beef. Khloe didn’t know if Kris could emotionally handle giving Kris advice. Kim and Khloe both agreed that it was a decision that Kris needed to make for herself.

NW: Since Caitlyn left our show she is no longer a coworker, so I don’t feel obligated to maintain a relationship with her. Nothing personal, it’s just business.

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In the evening, Tristan and True went on a UFO watch. They planned to be outside all night with their lasers and flashlights. Khloe was determined to find a UFO. After being outside for two hours, Khloe saw two very silent, hovering lights. Her heart was racing. Khloe and Tristan panicked and quickly got in the house.

The next day, Khloe told Kris, Scott and Kourtney that she and Tristan saw a UFO. However, no one believed her because she had no proof.

NW: If it turned out that Jonathan was an alien, I’d believe it.

Later, while Scott and Kris were chatting, Sophia and Caitlyn Facetimed Kris. Sophia explained that because of the pandemic, there are no events or public speaking engagements, so they were wondering what else they could do. Kris quickly suggested that they create content on YouTube and she even put them in touch with some of her contacts. Scott couldn’t believe that Kris was able to put her manager hat on and talk to Caitlyn. He thought it was a huge step forward for their relationship.

NW: I’m proud of Kris too because she decided to take 20% of their YouTube income.

Kourtney hosted a Poosh lunch meeting at the Malibu house. She loved working with her friends, but she needed to be respected. It was important to get her team together in person to set rules and guidelines. Kourtney let her team know that she could no longer engage in the personal drama. She also said because of all the poor responses she received when she tried to organize the last meeting, going forward her assistant would be organizing meetings and the team can respond to her. She needed to focus on big picture things instead of the details like people getting along or not.

Kourtney also said she would do a check-in weekly for work issues, not personal issues. The team agreed to her new boundaries and systems because they wanted the company to be profitable and successful. However, she still had tension with Sam.

NW: I would love to know what “big picture things”? A new avocado matcha latte recipe? Making TikTok videos with Addison Rae? Giving Reign a bath? Please educate me.

Kourtney Confronts Kim and Khloe Over Their 'Obsession' with Addison Rae Friendship

In the backyard, Khloe found Tristan and his friend using a huge space balloon to send aliens a message. Tristan wanted to send a courtesy message of peace. Khloe told the aliens in her recorded message they come in peace, but if they wanted to abduct someone they have names and addresses of people they could go see. She also asked them to stop global warming. Khloe thought that Tristan was sweet for trying to please her and play along with everything.

Later, Kourtney met with Sam for a talk. She wanted Sam to know that their friendship was more important than any work problems since they had been friends since high school. Kourtney acknowledged that it had been hard at times, but she could not stand for disrespect from her in front of the whole team. Sam apologized for how she acted on the text and said it shouldn’t have happened. Sam attributed her behavior to stress. Kourtney said she was okay with moving forward since Sam owned up to it. She understood that everyone makes mistakes and, in the future when there’s a problem, Sam could pull her to the side. They both seemed to understand each other. They were able to move forward and learn from the situation.

NW: The way Auntie Kourt let her employees talk to her is unacceptable. I really wish the Malikas would try me like this.

North and Kim dropped in on Kris and Khloe. Kim said that North wanted to spend the day with her. They went to Starbucks and North told Kim, “This is the best day of my whole life.” North was quick to deny this and corrected Kim by saying, “I said this is one of the best days of my life.” Then North took off to the beach with Kim’s glasses.

NW: I had already agreed to let her tell these people I wanted to spend the day with her, I didn’t agree to that other stuff. She’s always trying to be cute for these cameras.

After North left, Kim told Kris that she saw that Caitlyn launched her YouTube channel and that Kris had a lot to do with it. Kris confirmed that she did help Caitlyn. Her first video was a cooking segment where she made one of Kris’ recipes. Kim was super proud of Kris reaching a place of growth where she was able to put everything aside and help Caitlyn. Kris just wanted to be able to help someone and helping Caitlyn came from her heart. She wanted to be supportive and she wanted Caitlyn to be happy.

NW: Kris wanted me to remind everyone to “like” and subscribe to Caitlyn’s channel … because she gets 20%.

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