Kingsmill launches 'pillowy' soft bread especially for toast lovers

Kingsmill launches 'pillowy' soft bread especially for toast lovers

January 30, 2022

TOAST-LOVERS are in for a treat thanks to Kingsmill's new Super Toasty loaf.

The British bread-makers have spent millions developing the new loaf, which promises the nation's 'Best Ever Toast' – crispy on the outside but "pillowy" in the middle.

Launching next year, the Super Toasty is created with a blend of flours and has thicker slices than a typical white loaf.

It will be joined by two more new creations by Kingsmill, the White Fibre and the premium Farmhouse Loaf.

The White Fibre will have "all the fibre of wholemeal" with 8g fibre in each slice and will replace Kingsmill's Great White.


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The Kingsmill brand has also been given a makeover, with new distinctive yellow packaging.

Marketing Director of Allied Bakeries, who own Kingsmill, Janene Warsap said:“As the fastest growing bread brand in the UK with significant market year-on-year growth, we wanted Kingsmill to truly reflect what our consumers love the most.

"We have improved our core product recipes, have introduced exciting new innovations with Kingsmill Super Toasty and Kingsmill Toasties and have a great new design that conjures the feelings of warmth and joy associated with bread and bakery.

“Kingsmill Super Toasty is the perfect solution for the toasting experience, giving people the optimum combination of crispiness and softness required for a delicious slice of toast.”

Kingsmill's Super Toasty loaf will hit supermarket shelves on January 4 and will cost £1.25.

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