Kate’s ‘bum pat’ was a ‘playful reprimand’ towards William – claims

Kate’s ‘bum pat’ was a ‘playful reprimand’ towards William – claims

February 21, 2023

BAFTAs: Kate Middleton and Prince William arrive

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Kate Middleton and Prince William attended the BAFTAs for the first time as a couple since 2020. The couple looked beautiful and even engaged in some extremely rare PDA moments.

At one point, it looked as if the Princess of Wales gave her husband a cheeky tap on his lower back, which many interpreted to be a rare moment of PDA for the normally reserved couple.

Judi James, a professional body language expert, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to explain whether or not this moment was a “bum tap”.

She claimed: “This bum-pat or tap is a sweet hybrid gesture that is more complex than it seems.

“Kate and William had obviously been in flirt mode, chatting, laughing and grinning together and using more eye contact than usual to make this appearance look a bit like a date.

“The crowd had clearly been going wild for their glamorous look and as they sweep round a bend in the red carpet Kate seems to look back smiling to acknowledge an admiring comment.”

The Princess of Wales then made a special “invitation”, according to the body language expert, towards William.

Judi explained: “She then holds her right hand up with the thumb held away from the fingers in what is a classic gesture of invitation for a hand-hold.”

It’s the Prince of Wales’s response, according to the expert, that initiates Kate’s PDA reaction.

Judi continued: “But William either doesn’t pick up on this silent tie-sign or he doesn’t want to hold hands because he raises his left hand as he chats, rather than clasping hers.

“Kate’s spontaneous response seems to be this cheeky and rather sexy-looking bum pat.

“It is clearly a flirt signal but it could also be a playful reprimand for the lack of hand-holding response.”

The couple looked extremely glamorous at the BAFTA Awards on Sunday evening.

The Princess of Wales rewore her floor-length Alexander McQueen off-the-shoulder white gown to the ceremony.

Kate had previously worn the dress to the BAFTAs in 2019 but it had undergone some minor alterations.

She has actually worn an Alexander McQueen dress at every BAFTA ceremony, except one.

The stunning asymmetric gown was reworked for Sunday night’s ceremony, demonstrating Kate’s commitment to protecting the environment.

Kate’s glamorous dress had frills at one shoulder and cascaded to the floor. The toga-style gown had a cinched waist and a fitted bodice.

The Princess has worn the Alexander McQueen gown before, at the BAFTA ceremony in 2019, and chose to recycle the outfit for tonight’s event.

She paired the stunning dress with long black opera-style gloves. The gloves were from Cornelia Parker and reached above her elbows.

Kate accessorised her look with elegant rose gold earrings with flower detailing. They were from high street retailer Zara and had rhinestone applique, costing just £18.

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