Kate Winslet just shared the essential life lesson she learned from her dad

Kate Winslet just shared the essential life lesson she learned from her dad

June 30, 2021

Kate Winslet has some wise words about how to carve a successful career like hers. 

How does one become Kate Winslet? What does it take to be an Oscar-winning actor who’s been in the game for over 20 years, with films such as Titanic, The Holiday and Ammonite under her belt? And let’s not forget her recent hit series, Mare Of Easttown, which won Winslet an Emmy and a third Bafta. 

In case anyone is looking for tips, the renowned actor has just opened up about the career mantra that she continues to live by today.

Speaking to My Weekly magazine, Winslet revealed that she’s always followed her dad’s advice. As reported by Female First, she said in the interview: “It doesn’t matter how long I’ve been doing this job, you just can’t rest on your laurels. My dad has said to me my whole life, ‘You’re only as good as your last gig, babe.’”

Kate Winslet in Mare Of Easttown.

“I really believe that to this day,” she continued. “Plus, we live in a world now where there are so many incredible actresses and it’s so exciting to see this, but it does mean that we all have to contribute. We’ve all got to stay in the game. You’ve got to work hard.”

Winslet added: “You’ve got to deliver on integrity every time, I still really feel that. No matter how much experience I’ve had, maintaining that sort of high standard of work ethic and integrity is really important to me because I think audiences can tell.”

This certainly isn’t the first time that the actor has shared some wise words on life. During a press conference in 2016, she talked about overcoming negative and unfair comments. 

 She said: “What I feel like saying in those moments is, any young woman who has ever been put down by a teacher or a friend or even a parent, just don’t listen to any of it. Because that’s what I did – I didn’t listen, and I kept on going.”

“I kept on going and I overcame my fears and got over my insecurities… I would like to dedicate this prize to all the girls who doubt themselves because you shouldn’t be doubting, you should just be going for it.”

Yes to this. 

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