Kate Middleton: What does the Duchess’s parenting style reveal about Kate?

Kate Middleton: What does the Duchess’s parenting style reveal about Kate?

March 23, 2020

Kate Middleton joined the Royal Family in 2011 when she married Prince William, 37, in a record-breaking televised wedding held at Westminster Abbey, London. The royal couple has three children together; Prince George, six, Princess Charlotte, four, and Prince Louis, one.


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The beloved Cambridge children are often in the spotlight as the nation’s fascination grows with them, but Kate and Prince William strive to provide a certain type of childhood for them.

Kate Middleton’s parenting style is often critiqued, but according to an expert, the Duchess of Cambridge is very good at calming her children in public and is “always” looking out for the young royals.

What does the best-selling author of the TEEN Toolbox, keynote speaker and parenting expert, Cai Graham, have to say on Kate’s parenting style?

Cai said: “When the eyes of the world are upon you, it can be extremely daunting to appear as though you always ‘have it together’ and to act with ‘decorum’.

“Throw excitable and unpredictable children into the mix and it must be every mother’s nightmare; and yet Kate Middleton appears to take all this in her stride.

“There have been a number of occasions when [Kate Middleton] is out with her family very publicly; and her little angels start playing to the gallery.”

She continued: “[She’s a] mother first and a Duchess second. When her children become overly excitable, Kate does not shy away from reprimanding her children in public.

“Without any drama, Kate calmly makes eye contact with her children and reminds them (I can only presume ) how best to settle down.

“Whilst the rest of us are mortified if our children throw a hissy fit in the middle of Tescos, Kate has to ability to maintain the business as usual approach.

“Kate is able to take swift action without overreacting. A quick talking to shows that ‘Mum means business’; and invariably it is all that is required to help her children regain their composure.

“Kate would often raise a finger – as a reminder that she is not ready to accept any nonsense right now.”

She added: “Equally well – Kate is terribly good at reassuring her children.

“There are times when her children have appeared rather overwhelmed with

the situation that they are in – and Kate is always available to take them aside and offer them words of comfort.


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“When emotions are highly charged – confrontation and discipline are not necessarily that right course of action.

“Again, Kate comes down to her children’s level, or scoops them up with a hug and lets them know that she is close by.

“When children are nervous, often they just need a little pick-me-up of encouragement that their Mum is looking out for them. This much needed boost in confidence is all that they need to keep them going for the next while.

“When we are having a wobble, we often just need to have our feelings acknowledged and to know that our emotions are valid.

“A gentle hand on the shoulder or a hand hold is often all that is required to alleviate the nerves and anxieties.

“As parents, we can’t always get it right – but if our actions are child-centred (i.e. we have their best interests at heart) our children are safer in the knowledge that we have their backs and we are looking out for them.

“This in turn, minimises the need for the children to have attentions seeking behaviour in the first place.

“Kate seems to easily pick up on her children’s emotions and it appears she knows just what to say at the right moment.

“At that minute, Kate is able to focus solely on her child and by doing this – she is able to nip her child’s ‘negative behaviour’ in the bud before it escalates into something more serious. This indeed is a skill, and it just comes with practice.”

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