Kate Middleton Just Revealed Her Family Had a 'Really Difficult Time' in Quarantine

Kate Middleton Just Revealed Her Family Had a 'Really Difficult Time' in Quarantine

June 20, 2020

Though Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has always had a lovely presence, she has only started to get more candid about her life as a mother in recent years. With a focus on early childhood education and development, the duchess has started to use anecdotes about her three children to connect with other parents and educators.

Kate and Prince William have three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. However, despite their royal status, the Cambridges have been diligent about making sure that their children have a normal childhood.

Amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Cambridges had to adjust like everyone else, combining home, school, and work in one location. Now, the duchess is talking about how challenging that was.

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Kate Middleton has been more transparent lately

Though Kate has been relatively well-loved as a senior royal, she didn’t have quite the mania around her as Meghan, Duchess of Sussex does. Now, she’s leaning into some of her sister-in-law’s most charming characteristics.

“Meghan has the warmth and accessibility that Diana had, which are some of the qualities that Harry fell in love with when he met her,” royal expert Leslie Carroll told Express. “That said — in Meghan’s absence, and particularly during the coronavirus lockdown, Kate has been compelled to step to the forefront a lot more. Even from behind her keyboard and computer screen, she has become more visible and accessible. She is naturally more diffident than Meghan; the openness with strangers doesn’t come naturally to her, although she can speak candidly on subjects close to her heart, such as parenting.”

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Prince Harry and Kate Middleton struggled to homeschool their kids

The royals obviously have a ton of support. However, adjusting to something new can be a challenge for everyone.

“They would be doing the kinds of things that families everywhere are trying to do — cooking with the kids, reading, puzzles,” royal expert Michelle Tauber told People. “Everyone is doing their best on that front and I’m not exactly sure they would be faring any better than the rest of us. It’s a lot to juggle. We know there are parents everywhere trying to do the act of keeping up with their work commitments as well as making sure the kids’ schooling continues. They likely have their trusted nanny on hand, Maria Borallo, and she would obviously be lending plenty of support.”

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Kate Middleton just revealed that quarantine was a difficult time for her family

Kate had previously revealed how she spoke to her children about what is happening around the world. Now, she just got super candid about how challenging it was for her family in quarantine.

“We all have our ups and downs, especially when things change in our lives as they have in so many ways recently,” she told the Oak National Academy weekly assembly via Hello! “This can cause us to have a huge range of different feelings. Sometimes these feelings may be good, but sometimes they may be uncomfortable, and we feel worried, angry or upset. Being unable to see your friends or spend time with your family will undoubtedly be frustrating for you, just as it is for them. It’s been a really difficult time for us all. But it’s important to know that these feelings and frustrations are totally normal, and that they won’t last forever.”

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