Kate Beckinsale, ‘Twilight Zone,’ ‘Fosse’ lead new TV season

Kate Beckinsale, ‘Twilight Zone,’ ‘Fosse’ lead new TV season

February 4, 2019

Now that the Super Bowl is over and America has witnessed Adam Levine’s mediocrity in all its tattooed glory, we ask ourselves: What will we watch for the rest of the dark winter?

In addition to the Grammy Awards (Feb. 10) and the Oscars (Feb. 24), the networks and streamers have assembled a lineup of programs ranging from the predictable to the charming to the experimental. Here are some highlights.

FEB. 12 | ‘Miracle Workers’ (TBS)

Steve Buscemi as God? How do you wrap your head around that? The former Nucky Thompson of “Boardwalk Empire” is playing the Almighty in a workplace comedy. With Daniel Radcliffe.

FEB. 15 | ‘Lorena’ (Amazon)

A docuseries about the infamous woman who made an indelible impression on her husband’s anatomy.

FEB. 15 | ‘Proven Innocent’ (Fox)

TV warhorse Kelsey Grammer and Rachelle Lefevre (“Twilight”) play attorneys who represent the wrongly convicted.

FEB. 23 | ‘O.G.’ (HBO)

Jeffrey Wright (“Westworld”) plays a prisoner, reaching the end of his 24-year sentence, who is presented one last challenge weeks before his release. Filmed entirely in an Indiana prison.

FEB. 24 | ‘Whiskey Cavalier’ (ABC)

Scott Foley (“Scandal”) and Lauren Cohan (“The Walking Dead”), respectively, play an FBI agent and a CIA agent with stupid nicknames. Will this show survive its cutesy, moronic title?

FEB. 25 | ‘The Enemy Within’ (NBC)

Jennifer Carpenter (“Dexter”) stars as a CIA agent-turned-traitor who is freed from a life sentence in a supermax prison by an FBI agent (Morris Chestnut) who wants her assistance in tracking down a dangerous criminal. Isn’t this the plot of “The Blacklist,” but with a woman instead of a man in the lead?

MARCH 1 | ‘The Widow’ (Amazon)

This eight-episode thriller stars Kate Beckinsale, who begins to investigate her own past after she sees new footage of her husband — long thought dead — on the news.

MARCH 12 | ‘The Village’ (NBC)

An ensemble drama about the residents of a Brooklyn apartment building who cross paths. The identity politics checklist of characters includes a single mom raising a pregnant teen, an injured war veteran and an undocumented immigrant.

MARCH 18 | ‘The Fix’ (ABC)

Robin Tunney (“The Mentalist”) stars as a Los Angeles district attorney who loses a murder trial of a famous suspect. She relocates to the Pacific Northwest to lick her wounds — and then the same celebrity is suspected of another killing, and the DA is reeled back in. Co-created by Marcia Clark, who knows a thing or two about celebrity trials.

MARCH 20 | ‘The Act’ (Hulu)

Patricia Arquette, fresh off her awards sweep for “Escape at Dannemora,” plays a mom who may have wanted her daughter (Joey King) dead in this true-crime anthology series.

APRIL 1 | ‘The Twilight Zone’ (CBS All Access)

Jordan Peele remakes the Rod Serling series. Peele (“Get Out”) also serves as the host. Look for a new version of “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet.”

APRIL 9 | ‘Fosse/Verdon’ (FX)

Legendary choreographer Bob Fosse transformed the Hollywood musical from escapist fluff to trenchant social document when he fought the studio to make “Cabaret” his way. Oscar winner Sam Rockwell plays Fosse, who died at age 60, and Michelle Williams plays his long-suffering wife and sometime collaborator, the dancer Gwen Verdon.

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