Kate and William’s closest royal friends is another couple

Kate and William’s closest royal friends is another couple

February 15, 2023

Prince William and Zara Tindall: Expert discusses relationship

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Kate, Princess of Wales and Prince William are at the centre of the Royal Family and no doubt have close bonds with many members of the Firm. Body language expert Judi James spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about the royal duo’s best friends.

The future King and Queen Consort are in a very unique position and require friends that understand the trials and tribulations of their lifestyle.

According to Judi, Kate and William’s closest friends in the Royal Family is another young couple who may have filled a void in their lives.

The expert suggested that their new friendship with said couple became a “replacement relationship” for the one they previously had with Prince Harry.

Judi claimed: “William might have lost a brother when Harry went off to the US but Kate lost something of partner in crime.

“Harry always seemed to bring out the naughty side of Kate, prompting some moments of collusion as they grinned together over some joke of Harry’s and the fondness and fun they shared seemed to offer much-needed respite for Kate, who has always taken her royal role very seriously.

“The body language between Kate and the Tindalls suggests she has found a form of relationship replacement from this almost filter-free couple who seem, as Harry once did, to epitomise playful fun.

“Kate’s body language with Zara is relaxed and tactile and her open-mouthed smiles of delight and shared humour when she meets up with her at royal events suggests strong friendship behind the scenes.”

As for Prince William, he gained a sort of brotherly figure in Mike Tindall, according to the expert.

In his unique position as future King, William needs friends who are empathetic, understanding and support his need to “occasionally blow off steam and be himself without stories getting back to the press”.

In a similar vein, he requires friendships built on “trust”, something his brother Harry “incinerated” according to the expert.

Judi observed: “William has always seemed to be at his most relaxed when he spends family time at the Middleton’s and now the Tindalls seem to be supplying similar levels of family support.

“Mike’s bonds with William have always looked strong but as Mike and Zara have grown their family the two men have appeared especially close in a way that can look parental or sibling-led from Mike.”

The expert suggested that the rugby player turned royal exemplifies many characteristics the future King might desire.

She stated: “When Mike was in the jungle he showed so many traits that would be ideal for his role in William’s life.

“As well as his playful, fun side he is also calm, stoic and protective, meaning William can enjoy the kind of relaxed fun he used to share with Harry but from a man who seems to feel genuinely loyal and protective of his wife’s cousin.”

As well as their shared characteristics, Kate, William, Zara and Mike are all used to life under the royal spotlight.

What’s more, they are all around the same age and have had similar timelines when it comes to getting married and having children.

Last year on Good Morning Britain, Mike touched on their shared royal journeys: “Our family growth has been quite intertwined with theirs.

“The kids are very close, which is great for the kids that they’re always going to have some cousins that they’re the same age as and can grow up with.”

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