Kardashians Push For Kourtney-Scott Disick Reunion After Kim Catches Them Sleeping Together

Kardashians Push For Kourtney-Scott Disick Reunion After Kim Catches Them Sleeping Together

April 2, 2021

“Do we think they’re hooking up again? I just want them to try,” says Kendall, who is firmly on Team Skourt.

Will they or won’t they? That’s the question the entire Kardashian family is asking about Kourtney and Scott Disick, following the latter’s split from Sofia Richie.

On Thursday’s new episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” the two exes got cozy after winding up alone at the family’s summer rental together. While they both swear nothing happened, Kim Kardashian walked in on them asleep on the couch, after they nodded off watching a movie.

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“I came over in the morning a few days ago and saw Kourtney and Scott asleep together on the couch,” Kim spilled to sisters Khloe and Kendall Jenner, “they were separate, they weren’t spooning … they weren’t far away though, they were close.” In a confessional she added, “They definitely looked a little cozy. Something’s definitely going on between the two of them, I can feel it.”

Kendall asked if they thought the two were “hooking up again,” before saying she wanted them to “try.” Added Khloe: “What’s the harm in trying? The worst that can happen is like, you know what, we don’t vibe with this. But they’re also too p—y to try.”

Kim explained she thought her sister was hesitant to dive back into anything romantic with Scott because she’s “afraid they’re going to mess up their good coparenting” relationship.

“I keep telling her to give it a shot, I feel like she’s so not trying to. I am team Skourt. She’ll kill me for say anything, but I am Team Skourt,” Kendall revealed in a confessional. “I’ve known their relationship from the beginning, you can tell how much they loved each other. What can I say, it’s my truth. Everyone thinks they’re made for each other.”

They agreed Scott would rekindle things in a heartbeat, but was waiting for her to “make the first move.” Kim said she believed Kourtney would be “devastated if he had kids and a new family” ever, before they all decided to “Parent Trap it up” and hatched a made-for-reality TV plan to force them back together.

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First, they told the exes to come to the Malibu pad for a family dinner, before setting up the house with candles, roses and a Switzerland-themed dinner by the cliffs. Why Switzerland? Apparently, Kourt has a fantasy involving moving to the Alp and marrying a Swiss man. Why not? Of course, the rest of the family never showed up, leaving Scott and Kourtney on their own.

“So this is them, setting us up,” said Scott, before Kourt wondered whether Disick had actually orchestrated the situation.

“I think the family puts a lot of pressure onto Kourtney, more-so than me, in regards to them wanting her to be back together with me,” Disick said in a confessional. “They see two people that spend a lot of time together, do a lot of things with their children, so why can’t we have a perfect little family? It’s just not that simple. But to have a moment to just be together and see if we even like being together without the kids is a cool thing.”

Of the whole setup, Kourtney said, “I guess it’s cute that they tried to do this, slash annoying,” before they both agreed giving them a night out without the kids was a “nice” for the sisters to do.

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The next morning, Kim and Khloe showed up to the house to find the two in bed with each other, Kourtney’s bra on top of the sheets. “Did you seal the deal?” asked Khloe.

To her sisters’ dismay, Kourt then revealed they were simply pranking them back — saying, “Dinner was very nice, but we’re not back together.” Cue Khloe: “So you’re just f—ing?”

“We’re just parents,” she shot back, before Khloe added, “That sometimes f—.”

The hour ended there, with Kim and Khloe still suspecting something went down and adding that they’ll be “always rooting” for a reunion. Hope they aren’t holding their breath; Scott is currently dating Amelia Hamlin, while Kourtney and Travis Barker are still very much a thing.

“Keeping Up with the Kardashians” airs Thursdays on E!

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