Kacey Musgraves’ Name Was Misspelled On-Screen During Grammys & Fans Are Furious

Kacey Musgraves’ Name Was Misspelled On-Screen During Grammys & Fans Are Furious

February 11, 2019

And the winner for Album of the Year is….who? Music fans weren’t singing a happy tune after they saw the Grammys commit a major blunder by misspelling Kacey Musgraves’ name!

First off, typos happen to anyone and everyone, but on “music’s biggest night,” the Grammy Awards should have employed an extra copyeditor or two. At the start of the Feb. 10 awards show, fans spotted that the producers misspelled Kacey Musgraves’s name – dubbing her “Kasey” with an S – during the opening video package that introduced the night’s performers. Needless to say, Twitter wasn’t thrilled about this typo.

“Grammys off to a great start misspelling the name of their album of the year nominee ‘Kacey Musgraves,’ “ tweeted @Cbenti60, as they included a screenshot of the typo. “Did they really spell Kacey Musgraves name wrong in the INTRODUCTION? That is EDITED???” added @Mattatthedisco. “CBS SPELLED KACEY MUSGRAVES NAME WRONG ARE YOU SERIOIS,” tweeted @DelaynieK in what either is a masterful troll, a subtle joke or a self-inflicted error. Either way, it was hilarious, even if the Grammy’s spelling mistake was not.

Though, to be fair to the Grammy’s producers, a lot of people – like, a lot – spelled her name “Kasey” on Twitter, so it’s kind of an easy mistake to make. Thankfully, the typo was noticed as Kacey’s name was spelled correctly for the rest of the night, including when she joined the all-star tribute to Dolly Parton. She and Katy Perry paired up to perform “Here You Come Again,” and she joined in for the rousing rendition of “9-5” at the end.

Here’s hoping the Recording Academy spelled Kacey’s name correctly on the four Grammy awards she picked up at the 2019 ceremony. It was a clean sweep for the country music superstar. She won best country album for Golden Hour, best country song for “Space Cowboy,” best country solo performance for “Butterflies” and – the biggest win of them all – the album of the year for Golden Hour. She beat out Drake, Cardi B, Janelle Monae, H.E.R., Brandi Carlile and the artists behind the Black Panther soundtrack for what many consider the top honor.

“It was unbelievable to be even in a category with such gigantic albums … it’s really crazy. But I’m very thankful,” she said in her acceptance speech, per Forbes “Life is pretty tumultuous right now for all of us. I feel like, because of that, art is really thriving and it’s been really beautiful to see that. I would have nothing without songs. To me, it’s just all about the songs.”

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