Jonathan Bennett Reveals He and Fiancé Were Rejected at Wedding Venue For Being Gay

Jonathan Bennett Reveals He and Fiancé Were Rejected at Wedding Venue For Being Gay

April 22, 2021

“That was a sucker punch to the gut.”

Jonathan Bennett opened up about the discrimination he experienced while planning for his upcoming nuptials.

In a new interview with The Knot, the “Mean Girls” star revealed he and his fiancé, Jaymes Vaughan, were rejected from a wedding venue because they are a gay couple.

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“As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, you don’t just need to feel safe — you need to feel celebrated,” Jonathan began. “For years, we planned to get married at Palace Resorts in Mexico. When we got engaged, the owner said he couldn’t marry us because we’re two men and it goes against his morals.”

“That was a sucker punch to the gut,” he continued. “We decided in that moment that our wedding was bigger than us. It’s our wedding, but it isn’t just about us. It’s about the LGBTQ+ community.”

The couple then decided to make their ceremony “very loud on purpose” to represent their community. They chose UNICO Hotel, whose employees welcomed the pair with open arms, according to Jaymes.

“They were excited for us, which is what everyone’s wedding is supposed to be,” he said.

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Jonathan added, “We want to make sure that there’s never a moment during the engagement or wedding planning journey that LGBTQ+ people aren’t excited. We want to make sure that they are celebrated every moment and don’t feel a sense of otherness. The otherness needs to be removed from gay weddings.”

Now the pair — who had a “meet-cute” during a 2016 TV interview — are ramping up for their magical day.

“We’ll be outside, near the ocean, up on this beautiful platform alongside a tropical jungle,” Jonathan explained. “Simple and classic with a masculine vibe. And roses. My mom’s favorite flower was white roses so we’ll incorporate those too. Our reception will be under this clear tent with string lights — very much, ‘Leave your shoes at the door and come play in the sand with us.'”

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