John Barrowman Reveals He Urinated In Prince Charles’ Garden And Stole Glasses From The Queen — Who Found Out

John Barrowman Reveals He Urinated In Prince Charles’ Garden And Stole Glasses From The Queen — Who Found Out

December 5, 2018

During an episode of ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here,’ John Barrowman revealed some startling stories.

John Barrowman, who is currently in being seen in I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, revealed some shocking details about a royal visit in last Tuesday’s episode. The actor described how he once urinated in Prince Charles’ garden and then went on to steal some royal glassware.

As the Daily Mail explains, John Barrowman made these revelations to his campmates while they were all discussing their own personal encounters with members of the royal family.

Barrowman explained that during a private performance with Prince Charles and Camilla, he found himself in a situation where he needed to use the bathroom but couldn’t make it back to the house in time. As a result of this, he found himself forced to urinate in Prince Charles’ garden.

“I did a private performance for Charles and Camilla at a party at their house in the country,” Barrowman explained to his fellow campmates.

“That’s where I peed in Charles’ garden because I was having a tour of the garden and couldn’t get back to the house.”

While that is shocking enough, John then went on to describe another event, during the same night, where he stole from Queen Elizabeth.

Later on in Tuesday’s episode of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, Barrowman explained during the Bush Telegraph section about how he stole glassware from Queen Elizabeth, according to Metro.

“On the way out I took two champagne flutes. I got my friend to put one under the seat and told her no one would know,” Barrowman revealed.

However, the queen did notice and, not to be outdone by Barrowman’s behavior, responded accordingly. According to John, he later received a gift from the Queen — four more champagne flutes to match the original two he had stolen.

“Then, two days later, a box arrived at the house in Cardiff from his office of four glasses with a card referencing ‘we understand you like them,’” John explained.

So now, John Barrowman has a complete set of royal champagne glasses. But what does he do with them?

“To this day, my dad drinks his whiskey out of those glasses with the fleur de lis on them,” Barrow revealed.

In addition, he also justified his behavior — because who wouldn’t steal from the queen in that sort of situation?

“I mean, who wouldn’t take a glass if you are doing that, right? Don’t tell anybody or they won’t have me back!”

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