Jennifer Grey Will Keep Dirty Dancing Money in Divorce With Clark Gregg

Jennifer Grey Will Keep Dirty Dancing Money in Divorce With Clark Gregg

November 19, 2020

The pair split in July after 19 years of marriage.

Nobody puts Jennifer Grey in a corner.

The 60-year-old actress will keep 100% of her earnings from her iconic 1987 film “Dirty Dancing” and its 2004 sequel “Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights” in her divorce settlement from actor Clark Gregg, 58, according to People.

Jennifer Grey and Clark Gregg Split After 19 Years of Marriage

The couple have agreed to equally share the expenses of supporting their 18-year-old daughter Stella until she turns 24.

Gregg, who has starred as Agent Phil Coulson in several Marvel projects, will give Grey an equalization payment of $15,144, but won’t be held to spousal support.

In addition, 50 percent of royalties and residuals from over 30 projects, including Gregg’s work in the “Iron Man” and “Thor” films, will go to Grey. In future Marvel outings featuring Gregg, the actress will receive a 10 percent cut of gross earnings for movies and 5 percent for television series.

Grey will also continue to live in the family home, which the pair agreed to jointly own for six months. If the property is then sold, the earnings will be equally divided between the exes.

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In a joint statement posted to their social media accounts in July, the pair announced their decision to split.

“After 19 years together, we separated in January, knowing we’d always be a family who loves, values and cares for each other,” they wrote. “We recently made the difficult decision to divorce, but we remain close and are deeply grateful for the life we’ve shared and the wonderful daughter we’ve raised.”

After signing both their names, they added, “p.s. totally crying as we post this.”

The pair had married on Martha’s Vineyard in July 2001 after a year of dating.

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