Jay Z Just Just Made an Incredibly Generous Offer to 21 Savage

Jay Z Just Just Made an Incredibly Generous Offer to 21 Savage

February 8, 2019

21 Savage has been in the media recently because he was reportedly detained by ICE agents after the arrest of his cousin. As it turns out, Savage has been living in the country illegally and could be deported. Many artists plus fans have taken Savage’s side. And now, Jay Z just made a very generous offer.

Savage was detained by ICE agents in early February 2019

The news shocked many of Savage’s fans, since the rapper had never indicated that he wasn’t actually from the U.S. (Most people were under the impression that he was born and raised in Atlanta.) But in early February 2019, Savage and his cousin, along with two others, were stopped during a traffic stop and all four were arrested. It appears the charges against Savage’s cousin, rapper Young Nudy, were unrelated to the ICE arrest. Savage was detained due to an expired visa.

Savage has supposedly been living in the U.S. illegally since 2005

The rapper, whose real name is Sha’yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, reportedly had a children’s visa when he was younger, which expired in 2005. Although it expired, he continued to live in the U.S. According to Fortune, the rapper has since applied for a U visa (a visa meant for victims of crimes who can aid in the criminal investigation). Since living in the U.S., Savage has built a career for himself and become a successful rapper who is well-respected in the industry. The 26-year-old is also engaged, and he’s the father of three children who were born in the U.S. Since living in Atlanta, Fortune reported that Savage has also given back to his community by helping underprivileged youths in financial literacy.

Now, Jay Z has offered up his lawyer to Savage, who is hoping to stay in the U.S.

Jay Z caught wind of the rapper’s legal issues and called his detention “a complete travesty.” Since then, Jay Z, along with Roc Nation, has reportedly hired a lawyer for Savage to help with his case. Jay Z released a statement on Facebook that said Savage deserved to be reunited with his family immediately. The BBC reported that according to Savage’s lawyers, he’s been living in the U.S. since he came over here in 1999. He also survived a shooting in 2013, which is why he applied for the U visa. It has reportedly been pending for four years. Other artists, including Cardi B and Offset, have also voiced support for Savage.

It’s unclear when Savage’s case will be decided

Immigration cases often take a while to get sorted out. But with Savage being detained, he’s unable to spend time with his fiancé or three young children. Jay Z has called for those fighting immigration cases to be freed while their case is fought. It’s unclear for how long Savage will be detained, and it’s hard to tell the likelihood of his deportation. But with most of America standing behind him, along with a team of powerful lawyers, he’s at least in a good position to win his case.

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