Is Virgin Media down? How to check the status in your area – The Sun | The Sun

Is Virgin Media down? How to check the status in your area – The Sun | The Sun

April 7, 2023

VIRGIN Media customers can sometimes experience outages – the company is currently down, leaving thousands of customers without access to the internet.

If you are one of those customers today (April 4), we reveal how you can check your service status.

Over 22,000 customers are currently reporting issues with Virgin Media.

Over 70% say their landline internet has gone down while nearly a quarter of customers are experiencing a total blackout.

Issues started in the early hours of this morning at around 1.20am.

In a tweet to customers, Virgin Media said: "We’re aware of an issue that is affecting broadband services for Virgin Media customers as well as our contact centres.



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"Our teams are currently working to identify and fix the problem as quickly as possible and we apologise to those customers affected."

Virgin Media has approximately 3.2million internet, call, TV or mobile customers in the UK.

Here's how to check the status for broadband and mobile services online, how to complain and how to apply for compensation if the issues are ongoing.

Virgin Media down: Is Virgin Media experiencing issues?

Virgin Media is currently (October 11) experiencing issues with hundreds of people reporting internet outages.

The provider is no stranger to experiencing outages in the past., the last one in July and before that May.

Virgin Media previously had issues on December 2, 2021 with thousands of customers complaining of no TV services.

The company experienced issues on November 24, 2021 before services resumed.

Virgin Media customers reported that the service was down on July 7, 2021 too, before being fixed shortly after.

The broadband had also gone down before that on May 5, 2021 for thousands of customers, leaving them unable to get online.

Virgin Media also went down in 2021 on April 14,  March 2, March 3 and March 10 for thousands of customers across the UK.

Virgin Media status: How do I check the Virgin Media service status in my area?

Virgin Media has a dedicated web page where you can find out if there are any problems in your area.

You can visit the My Virgin service update website to check for yourself.

To find out if there are problems in your area, just enter your postcode.

(AD) How to find the best broadband for your needs

BROADBAND options can vary hugely by provider, and you could save money by shopping around.

Visit Compare the Market to understand what's on offer.

How can I contact Virgin Media?

There are several ways to get in touch with Virgin Media.

See the Virgin Media's contact page for how to get in touch with the network provider.

You can also speak to the firm via its live chat service.

If you still want to complain to Virgin Media about an issue with your connection, you can via phone, post or online.

Am I entitled to compensation from Virgin Media?

If you're suffering issues with your internet, call or mobile services you may be entitled to compensation.

But when it comes to TV outages, the services don't come under that same scheme.

We've asked Virgin Media if there's compensation available for TV customers and we'll update this page when we know more.

If you're a Virgin Media customer you can visit the My Virgin service update website to check the service status where you live when the site is working.

To find out if there are problems in your area, enter your postcode.

Internet firms usually pay out £8 for each day broadband and home phone services are not repaired after two full days of no service.

They will also pay £25 for each missed appointment, or for appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours' notice, plus you'll get £5 for each calendar day delay to the start of the new service.

This is usually automatic.

If you're a mobile customer and you suffer from a lack of service then depending on the circumstance you may be entitled to a refund or account credit.

If you're without service for a sustained period of time then you may also have the right to leave without incurring a fee, although neither of these are automatic – you need to ask your provider.

If your problem is still unresolved after eight weeks, you can complain to an independent Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme.

Virgin Media is signed up to the CISAS ADR scheme.

What do the lights mean on my Virgin Media router?

This all depends on what type of router you have.

For example, with a Hub 3 device, a flashing red light means your device is on but your WiFi connection is not working.

You can see examples of more lights and what they mean on the Virgin Media website.

Can I get a free WiFi booster from Virgin Media?

If you're struggling to get WiFi in all the rooms of your home, you should first check if you're in a blackspot area.

You can do this by scanning your room with the free Virgin Media Conncet App.

If you’re a Virgin Fibre customer with Maxit TV, you can get an intelligent WiFi Booster to use at no extra cost.

WiFi Boosters cost £3 extra per month for all other broadband customers who need one.

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