Is Tiffany Trump taking Ivanka’s place as Donald’s ‘First Daughter’?

Is Tiffany Trump taking Ivanka’s place as Donald’s ‘First Daughter’?

April 11, 2023

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Move over Prince Harry. There’s a new “spare” taking the spotlight.

Donald Trump’s right-hand daughter Ivanka Trump was conspicuously absent from his post-indictment prime time speech at Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday.

But we’re told insiders also noted that Trump’s other daughter, Tiffany, was front and center for the occasion.

“If you look at Tiffany’s history, she has never really been involved in the political stuff,” says a source.

But now Trump’s favorite daughter Ivanka is clinging to the outer edges of the political picture, “Tiffany is trying to be the supportive daughter.”

“This could be her way to get closer to her father,” the source speculates.

Tiffany, 29, Trump’s daughter with second wife Marla Maples, was somewhat absent — or overlooked— from her father’s White House career.

She appeared at the 2016 and 2020 Republican National Convention, his swearing-in, the State of the Union, an event at Mount Rushmore, and spoke at a Trump Pride rally in Tampa in 2020.

Ivanka, meanwhile, was a constant presence on the campaign trail and served as an advisor to the President during her father’s time in office.

But the elder daughter, from his marriage to Ivana Trump, officially (and noisily) stepped back from politics in November when her father announced his third run, saying in a statement, “I love my father very much. This time around, I am choosing to prioritize my young children and the private life we are creating as a family. I do not plan to be involved in politics.”

A source previously told Page Six that Ivanka, 41, and hubby Jared Kushner, 42, “want nothing to do with,” his latest legal travails. “They are staying away.”

Another source told us the couple is “happy building their life in Miami.”

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A source told the Post that on Tuesday, the pair couldn’t be there for his speech because they were traveling for Passover.

The source tells us that Tiffany — the only one of Trump’s adult children who hasn’t worked for him — has gotten closer with her father and her half-siblings, Ivanka, Eric and Don Jr, since her wedding last November at Mar-a-Lago to Lebanese-American billionaire heir, Michael Boulos.

“The wedding was a bonding moment and she has been more accepted by the family. It brought them closer,” says the source.

Not that they’re getting too gooey and emotional, of course. “The wedding was a huge political event and had a lot of donors,” says the source.

Trump thanked his family in his speech following his indictment.

He notably left out wife Melania, but also name-checked Tiffany before Ivanka, who Page Six learned had visited her father on Sunday at the club before he surrendered.

“Don here has done a great job, and I have another son here who’s done a great job,” the former president said.

“And Tiffany and Ivanka, and Barron will be great someday … But I have a great family, they’ve done a fantastic job and we appreciate it very much.”

The Daily Mail reported that following his speech, he deejayed and “spent the evening at his private club with his youngest daughter, Tiffany, her husband Michael Boulos and longtime adviser Roger Stone.” 

Tiffany is a graduate of Georgetown Law School and works there as a legal research assistant.

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