Internet blasts promise ring engraved with boyfriend's name

Internet blasts promise ring engraved with boyfriend's name

July 8, 2020

Man who presented his girlfriend with a promise ring engraved with his first name ‘until he can give her his last name’ is branded ‘possessive and childish’

  • A woman from Queensland shared snap of a promise ring bearing groom’s name
  • Shared it on the Facebook group That’s It,  I’m Ring Shame, where was blasted
  • Groom said ring was placeholder until girlfriend could take his last name  
  • Women said the boyfriend wanted to ‘brand’ his girlfriend like cattle

A promise ring can be a romantic gesture, but one boyfriend has been accused of being ‘possessive and patriarchal’ for giving his beloved a band with his name engraved on it.  

A woman from Queensland shared a snap of the ring, which she had come across on social media, with the Facebook group That’s It, I’m Ring Shaming. 

The small ring reads ‘Braden,’ the name of the boyfriend, and the caption explained: ‘He said: “I’m giving you my first name until I can give you my last”.’

Members of the group, however, were not impressed, saying it was possessive and equated to ‘branding’ cattle. 

This picture, shared by a women from Queensland on the Facebook Group That’s It, I’m Ring Shaming, depict a promise ring branded with the boyfriend’s name

Women online blasted the ring, comparing to branding cattle and showing off the boyfriend’s possessive side

Promise rings are usually given ahead of an engagement, as a guarantee that a betrothal is on the cards in the future. 

And Braden presented his beloved with a silver band featuring a small rose gold plaque with his name engraved on it.  

The move did not please women online, who felt Braden had used the ring as a ‘proof of ownership.’

‘Would you also like a dog collar with a tag on it? You know that way if you get lost they know to call your man? (Talk about possessive),’ one wrote. 

Some said the ring was territorial and was designed to keep other men from approaching his girlfriend

‘Seems more like a brand than a romantic gesture,’ observed another.  

‘Also that’s so f****** cringe, like “Hello, yes I am the male that posesses her. See, here is my name”,’ said one.  

‘No, thank you, Captain Patriarchy. I have my own name,’ wrote another, while another branded him a ‘loser’. 

Others said they found the ring to be childish and in bad taste.  

Some quipped that the ring was childish, and only acceptable if Braden and his girlfriend were 12 or 15 years old 

‘Okay is Braden a child? Because I don’t know why else you would wear someone’s name on you.’

‘Super cute if you’re 15,’ an unimpressed commenter chimed in. 

‘Are they 12? This is ok if they are 12,’ one wrote. 

‘Braden…is she marrying a 4th grader?! They might as well get matching friendship bracelets and, I hope they pre-order 10 pallets of Fruit Gushers for the hors d’oeuvres,’ a fellow critic added. 

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