Inside Mrs Hinch’s five-bedroom Essex farmhouse she has loved since she was 11

Inside Mrs Hinch’s five-bedroom Essex farmhouse she has loved since she was 11

February 22, 2022

Mrs Hinch has given a sneak peek inside her gorgeous five-bedroom Essex farmhouse that she has loved since she was 11 years old.

The 32 year old, who announced on New Year's Day that she was moving from her iconic home which helped her rise to fame through her cleaning hacks, took to her Instagram Story to answer questions on the new pad, lovingly named Hinch Farm, with her 4.3million Instagram followers.

Mum-of-two Mrs Hinch, also known as Sophie Hincliffe, shares children Ronnie, two, and Lennie, eight months, with husband Jamie Hinchliffe, 42, and has given her fans a sneak peek inside the sprawling countryside home.

Mrs Hinch, who explained that she is still near her parents, revealed that the home is 'not a new build' and has 'character' in the Q and A.

The cleaning sensation revealed the extraordinary story behind the home, and penned: "Truth is my parents and I have been driving past this house since I was 11.

"And we always said to each other, we wonder who lives in there, we even used to imagine here and what we could do if we ever did."

Mrs Hinch explained how her dad Alan had even researched the history of the home before she had Instagram and described how she cannot wait to make it 'special'.

The cleaning icon first posted a snap of her original home in March 2018 but has since revealed that her husband Jamie has wanted to move since 2019.

She penned: "I won't go into too much detail because I wouldn't want to give any satisfaction to the cruel person/people involved.

"But Jamie has wanted to move for a while due to a privacy issue which came about after we extended the house.

"But I was in such a mess because I didn't want to move. I was crying to him, saying this is my home, I didn't want to lose it."

Mrs Hinch revealed how she installed 'weird tall basketball net looking trees' along with a 'crazy CCTV system' but described how it 'wasn't enough in the end'.

She continued: "Jamie was right…I was putting plasters over things and from that day I felt like I lost my home and I was in a really low place. But everything happens for a reason doesn't it."

So let's take a look inside the new abode…


Mrs Hinch has described her hallway as one of her 'favourite' places in her new home as she revealed: "I just stand here everyday and think HOW."

The gorgeous hallway features a central staircase and a huge floor-to-ceiling window surrounding the oak-panelled door to flood the room with natural light.

Mrs Hinch recently shared a snap on her grand staircase and joked that she had a 'fancy carpet runner' in the caption to her followers.

She penned: "Yep my fancy carpet runner there is a dust sheet.

"As a home account I’ve realised now that it’s just as fun to post the progress , the reality and everything in between! so here we go….

"This is our staircase here at Hinch Farm and it’s by far one of my favourite spots in the house. I can’t wait to make this entrance even more special if I can and take a zillion pictures of the boys growing up sitting right here (maybe even the alpacas too).

She ended: "Thank you all for continuing to follow this crazy journey of ours , that since 2018 seems to be getting crazier and crazier lots of love , always xxx."

Master bedroom

Mrs Hinch gave a sneak peek into her new master bedroom which is a blank canvas for the couple to put their own stamp on.

There is a ceiling fan and leaded windows which offer a farmhouse feel along with plenty of space for Sophie and Jamie to have a huge kingsize bed.

In the latest picture, we can see that work has commenced on the renovation of their master bedroom and it has been 'panelled and ready to paint'.

Living room

Mrs Hinch gave an update on her living room and revealed how her 'brick slips' had arrived which will create a stunning textured chimney breast.


Mrs Hinch panned to her 'tranquil room' which she has also referred to as a 'tranquil room' and described how it will have 'no TV' and 'just a comfy sofa, a coffee table, books, and a posh chaise lounge'.

Ronnie's bedroom

The doting mum-of-two revealed that she allowed Ronnie to choose his own bedroom and allowed her son to wander around the new house at his own pace because he 'gets very overwhelmed in new places'.

Two year old Ronnie has his own en-suite and headed straight to the sink as he checked out his new bathroom.

Mrs Hinch has lots of plans for her eldest son's bedroom and explained: "I'm planning on making his whole bedroom and bathroom a farm animal and tractor theme because that's his fave!"

So far, we can see that Ronnie has a gorgeous mural with Essex-based artist Chris Westall and Mrs Hinch sharing glimpse of the progress.

Chris revealed how the tree will have cocker spaniel Henry sitting in the shade which will perfectly complement the farm scene of pigs, sheep and rolling fields.

We can also see that Mrs Hinch and her dad Alan created a barn headboard out of MDF which will also be transformed by artist Chris.

Lennie's bedroom

Mum-of-two Sophie gave a peek inside eight month old Lennie's bedroom as Jamie carried his son into the gorgeous new bedroom.

Lennie also has an en-suite and plenty of space to play with Mrs Hinch inserting a snap of the bedroom into the Instagram Story.

Sophie revealed that the bedroom will be 'more or less identical to his nursery now at the house because it's all brand new'.


Mrs Hinch has converted a garage at the home into a workshop for her dad Alan and revealed how it is the 'most emotional part of the house'.

She penned: "Me and dad would watch New Yankees Workshop together every weekend and literally dream of having the same. So handing dad the keys to his own workshop was the most incredible feeling."

Sophie revealed how they have installed his 'dream tools' and have even added a wooden sign with 'workshop' to the exterior of the barn.

Henry's bedroom and bathroom

Cocker spaniel Henry has also been treated to his very own bathroom with Mrs Hinch planning to create a walk-in shower to hose her pooch down after muddy walks.

The box room is a blank canvas for the cleaning sensation to put her own stamp on as she plans to add white brick tiles to create a handy 'wash station'.

Meanwhile Henry also has his very own bedroom with Mrs Hinch sharing a peek inside 'bedroom four aka Henry's room' and added: "Yes Henry is my dog. Yes he has panelling. Yes I'll get trolled for this but who cares."


Mrs Hinch has revealed that she has 'never had a utility' and cannot wait to get started on the interior design of the space.

The blonde beauty posted footage of the space which leads off the kitchen and onto a play room for her boys Lennie and Ronnie.

Speaking about her plans, Mrs Hinch said: "It comes off of the kitchen and I've never had a utility before so these two walls will be coming down just to open up the space.

"And in here there is a water supply, a butler sink in there that I want to use, I love that, my old Shark hoover, I brought that down."

Mrs Hinch will be able to keep her washing machine, tumble drier and of course lots of cleaning products in the dedicated space space.

Boot room

The cleaning sensation revealed how the boot room is her 'favourite room' in response to a question by one of her followers.

The chic room, which has a neutral colour scheme with matte black features', was completed with the help of her dad Alan in his workshop.

Mum-of-two Mrs Hinch penned: "Boot room! Because right now it's the only complete room in the house also me and dad completed this room together and we love it."


Mrs Hinch shared a heartwarming snap of Ronnie in the playroom and added: "I can't wait to do this project! This will be one of the first rooms we tackle!

"It's a beautiful space for the boys and I love vertical windows! This used to be a snooker room… Jamie was slightly disappointed."


The cleaning guru has a gorgeous garden for her two boys to play in and has named the home Hinch Farm as she plans on welcoming animals.

Mrs Hinch revealed that her 'favourite spot' in the garden is her gorgeous bench that is framed by red and green bushes as she penned: "I can't wait to clean this bench and sit here with a cuppa."

The gorgeous Instagram star revealed that they have 'enough land to care for our farm animals' with the family owning a sit-on lawnmower to cut the huge plot.

However Mrs Hinch revealed that it would not be a 'working farm' despite the name Hinch Farm and explained: "I'm planning on rescuing three chickens and then see how we go. I've also got some very special fur boys joining us soon."

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