Infuriated wedding guest reveals stranger appeared in bride's photos

Infuriated wedding guest reveals stranger appeared in bride's photos

November 19, 2019

Wedding guest reveals how a ‘disrespectful’ STRANGER appeared in all of the bride’s photos and even went behind the altar to take snaps

  • Ali Fitzpatrick, from Minnesota, shared snaps of ceremony to Facebook group
  • Told how the stranger was asked several times to move by the photographer 
  • She featured in all of the shots and even went behind the altar to take pictures

A wedding guest has revealed her frustration after a stranger turned up at a friend’s ceremony and blocked everyone’s view in order to get a snap of the happy couple. 

Ali Fitzpatrick, from Minnesota, who shared several photos to Facebook group That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming, penned: ‘A wedding I went to today had this lady all up in all the shots and she even went all around the couple and behind the altar to take videos and pictures.’

‘I didn’t block out anything because I have the bride’s approval as they were totally annoyed at this lady they barely knew. And she had to be asked several times to move by the photographer.’

And social media users were quick to take to the comments section to express their annoyance at the anonymous woman. 

‘WTAF? I seriously would have stopped the ceremony and kicked her out,’ while a second wrote: ‘Why didn’t anyone quietly escort her the hell out?’

Ali Fitzpatrick, from Minnesota, shared several snaps to Facebook group That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming, before slamming a stranger for getting in all of the happy couple’s shots (pictured)

In one of the photographs, the anonymous lady can be seen bending down on her knees and blocking the view of guests in order to get a clear shot (pictured)

Frustrated guest Ali Fitzpatrick explained how the woman in question had been asked to move several times by the photographer (pictured)

A third added: ‘What the actual eff. Who in the hell does she think she is?!?’ while a fourth agreed: ‘Who is she? Does the bride know her? You can tell the best man wants to kill her.’

In the wedding photos, the happy couple can be seen exchanging vows as the stranger crouches down in shot to get a photo, before walking around the back of the altar to get a second snap of the newlyweds.

Many outraged social media users pointed out they would’ve stopped the ceremony until she had removed herself had it been their wedding. 

‘If this were my wedding I would literally stop the ceremony and say “please sit down or leave,” penned one, while another added: ‘I would have lost every marble in my body.’

Infuriated social media users took to the comments section, with many agreeing they would’ve asked the lady to sit down or leave if it was their wedding ceremony

Meanwhile, others saw it as the usher or maid of honor’s duty to tell the woman to get out of view.

‘I feel like there should be ushers in charge of preventing this,’ wrote one. ‘This is distracting and incredibly disrespectful. I feel sorry for the brides. This woman has zero sense of decorum.’

A second commented: ‘This is the time for the maid of honor to intervene. This is nuts, how could you even focus on your own ceremony?’ while a third added:

‘I feel like this is a maid of honor / best man / best person kind of job to go to that lady and tell her to sit the f*** down or leave!’

A fourth agreed: ‘In this situation have one of your attendants ready to discreetly pull her aside and ask her to stop.’

Another, who is an event planner, told how she makes guests leave their phones at the door until after the ceremony to prevent anything similar happening.  

‘Pick it up after the ceremony but during their is not a phone in sight,’ she added. ‘Enjoy the moment an d you will see the pictures when the couple does.’ 

And one who tried defending the woman in question commented: ‘That poor bride and groom…. perhaps the photographer could edit this person out? Is it possible that she didn’t realise she was in the way?’

Another suggested the professional photographer should’ve refrained from taking photos while the lady was in the picture (pictured)

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