I’m the last one left on ‘UK’s loneliest street’ – everyone moved out of flats but I won't budge…I've just redecorated | The Sun

I’m the last one left on ‘UK’s loneliest street’ – everyone moved out of flats but I won't budge…I've just redecorated | The Sun

February 15, 2023

THE last resident on Britain's "loneliest" street is refusing to budge – and has just spent £2,000 redecorating.

Nick Wisniewski, 67, has no neighbours living in the 128 flats beside him after the last of around 200 residents moved out more than a year ago.

The eight blocks of flats and other homes in Wishaw, North Lanarkshire, Scotland, are all scheduled for demolition.

But Nick has refused to leave and blasted council chiefs who he claims he has not heard from since November 2021.

Retired bank worker Nick said an area in the car park outside of his flat has become an eyesore with rubbish piled up and grass badly overgrown.

He said no one cleans the block anymore and that the halls have been left in darkness with the lights no longer coming on in other floors.

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Despite the council's attempts to buy him out, Nick has spent nearly £2,000 repainting, carpeting his living room and panelling his hall – and said he has no plans to leave.

Nick said: "I have painted the whole flat and done some wallpapering in the hall and living room.

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"I put up some wood panelling in the hall, it's looking really nice.

"I had to get a new cooker too, so all in I think it costs me between £1,500 and £2,000.

"I'm not worried about spending money on the flat because I think I am going to be here for a while, I have still heard nothing from the council.

He added: "At the end of last year they said they were doing a compulsory purchase order but they haven't even notified me about it.

"I don't know if it was all a ploy to try and scare me into contacting them – but why should I have to get in touch with them.

"If they want me to go they need to get in touch with me.

"The last time I spoke to anyone from the council about it was November 2021, it's absolutely shocking."

Nick described the car park as an "eyesore" after people started turning up to dump their rubbish.

He said: "At the other side of the car park area a huge pile of rubble has appeared and people have just started dumping their rubbish there now.

"I have no idea where it came from but it's an eyesore.

"I think people think no one lives here anymore and have just started using it as a dumping ground, it's like a s**t tip.

"I am on the bottom floor but up the stairs is in total darkness now, there are no lights on anymore.

"The grass is overgrown, it all looks terrible.

"I can't understand the council's rhyme or reason for anything they do."

Nick bought his flat in 2017 under the Right to Buy scheme which helped council tenants buy their homes at a discounted price.

He said the area made up of eight blocks used to be buzzing with around 200 people, but the last residents left in December 2021.

Council officials want to flatten the area to redevelop it and offered Nick £35,000 for his flat plus two years' rent somewhere else if he moved.

But Nick claims North Lanarkshire Council's offer would not be enough to buy somewhere else.

He said: "When I found out I was going to be the last person left on the street I really did worry there would be problem, but thankfully there hasn't been in trouble.

"I could be wrong, but I am assuming the council are holding off until they build the new bungalows and maybe they will offer me one of them.

"They initially said they would give me two years rent free, but I would want more than that now.

"If they are offering me money for the flat it would need to be near the £100,000 mark now – prices have gone up, everything is more expensive now."

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A spokesperson for North Lanarkshire Council said earlier: “We fully understand this is a sensitive issue and are working closely with the resident.

"It would not be appropriate to discuss the specific financial details, but we are working in accordance with our policies to ensure the resident receives a fair deal and to support him so that he finds suitable alternative accommodation.”

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