‘I’m mistaken for teenager even though I’m a gran – people love my sexy body’

‘I’m mistaken for teenager even though I’m a gran – people love my sexy body’

April 1, 2022

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A “hot gran” says she’s often mistaken for a teenager due to her age-defying looks.

Nathalie Gangon, 53, has worked hard to maintain her youthful appearance.

She has thrown herself into intermittent fasting, lifting weights and has even stopped drinking alcohol.

The gym bunny, from Quebec, Canada, wants to show others that you're never too old to turn back the clock.

She only got into fitness in her 50s – and has already seen great results from changing her lifestyle and workout routine.

Nathalie said: "I just thought it's never too late to get in shape, and consistency is key.

"I started weight lifting at home when I turned 50, if I knew what I know now, I would have started earlier.

"I have to work hard to keep my shape and it gives me so much energy, we're all getting older and I just want to have a good quality of life.”

Nathalie trains at least three times a week, as well as going on dog walks, hikes and paddle boarding to stay in shape.

She fasts intermittently, which involves fasting for 16 hours a day and only eating between 12pm and 8pm.

The gran said: "I try to eat healthy most of the time and eat less processed food and not too much sugar, I don’t not starve myself and eat at least 2,000 calories a day.

"I still eat Big Macs, fast food, and sometimes my favourite treat is ice cream."

All Nathalie's hard work has paid off.

On her TikTok page, fans have gushed over the gran's fitness content.

One commenter swooned: "I for real thought you were 19."

Another said: “I can’t believe we’re the same age!? You look fabulous!”

And a third gushed: “You ain't no grandma, you look like you’re in your twenties!”

Nathalie enjoys receiving these kind words and hopes to inspire others to kick-start their fitness journeys.

She added: "Everyone loves my smile, my authenticity and my sexy curves.

"I often get comments like: you are gorgeous, awesome, beautiful and sexy.

"I guess people like the whole package and my brilliant energy.

"I don’t think I am the most beautiful but I do have charisma and good vibes.

"Of course I have a sexy body, but am I perfect? No…

"Stop comparing yourself to others, you can have the same workout, same diet and you will get a different result. All bodies are different and that's what is great.”

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