‘I’m called sl*g for having baby at 16 but I’m still with school sweetheart’

‘I’m called sl*g for having baby at 16 but I’m still with school sweetheart’

March 2, 2023
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    A former teen mum is branded a “sl*g” for sitting her GSCEs while heavily pregnant aged 16.

    Zoe Cannon missed her prom because it was her due date and gossiping students presumed her and her boyfriend would eventually break up.

    But 13 years later, she is still with her childhood sweetheart and the happy couple have two kids together.

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    She is now famed on TikTok for posting heartwarming videos with her son, Archie, who she had as a school girl.

    And speaking with Daily Star, Zoe, from Reading, said: “Most people assumed we wouldn’t last.

    “Obviously we were really really young, we were on and off since the age of 13.”

    But comments on her TikTok, which she tries to avoid, often jump to wrong conclusions about her life.

    She added: “Half of the negative ones I’ve read are ‘where is the dad’ and that is said quite often.

    “I’ve seen a couple that have said ‘sl*g’ and that would definitely not be something I would class myself.

    “Just because I had a baby young does not mean that and there’s a lot of people who have done a lot worse.”

    Zoe received plenty of support from her school after becoming pregnant but she found out who her “real friends” were.

    Some peers made snide comments behind her back but the teen mum blocked out any cynicism.

    She said: “There was a little bit of negativity but not too much. I think being pregnant so young people assume you are not going to be very good with a baby but I took to it quite well.”

    Her boy Alfie is now 13 and in recent months the mum and daughter started making TikTok videos together.

    They are often mistaken for siblings because of the 16-year age gap and already they have attracted millions of views online.

    And Zoe could not be more pleased with how family life has worked out.

    “I am really proud of Alfie,” she said. “I think people thought he might have turned out to be a naughty child but he is extremely good.

    “I am just proud of it all, proud of still being with my boyfriend and things like that too. And I am not shy about any of it.

    “I’m not embarrassed about anything in my life, everyone does right and wrong. It was just the way my life worked out having a baby young.

    “He is confident and happy and that is all that matters.”

    Zoe said Alife “loves” making the TikToks and the pair have been recognised together out in public.

    And although Alfie avoids reading comments on the videos, some of his classmates have teased him about his mum.

    Zoe laughed: “He came home once and said people in his music class were saying ‘your mum is fit’ and I was like ‘what did you say’ and he just said to them ‘oh ok, thank you’.”


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