‘I’m a hot mum and still wear a bikini at 56 – men say I’m well preserved’

‘I’m a hot mum and still wear a bikini at 56 – men say I’m well preserved’

February 18, 2023

A 'hot' mum exposed her gorgeous figure in a cleavage flashing bikini as blokes called her "well preserved."

Evie Mae, 56, is certainly proving that age is just a number as she stripped off on social media in a skimpy two piece.

The mega fit parent from Texas, US, took to TikTok where her toned figure made quite the impression with fans.

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In the clip that racked up thousands of views, Evie rocked a white halter neck bikini top that accentuated her busty chest while the matching bottoms hugged her curvaceous hips.

Although she had a red satin robe to hand, the super fit mum let the sexy garment hang off her wrists as she posed for the camera.

Seductively, she let her long lightened locks free where the ends of her tresses caressed her boobs.

And, not to forget the brown cowboy boots, straw hat and bang on trend sunglasses.

As she oozed confidence, the mum danced in the body flaunting get-up to the song 'Your Love' by The Outfield.

"56 and feeling fine," Evie declared in the caption of the video.

In awe of the 56-year-old's sizzling hot display, many people fled to the comments to shower Evie with compliments galore.

One bloke gushed: "Gorgeous."

Another user added: "You must be married."

While a third swooned: "I wouldn’t mind some of that."

Someone else cheekily said: "They grow them fine in Texas."

Meanwhile, a fifth fan voiced: "Well preserved."

To which Evie replied: "Yes, sir."

Elsewhere, a mum went viral after she revealed her hair transformation. Known as Missy G online, the gorgeous mum decided that she would stop dyeing her hair on her 40th birthday.

She spent years going to the salon to get her tresses dyed brown in order to keep the grey at bay.

But, she finally found the confidence to let her natural silver locks shine through.

And Missy G was a lot happier for it!


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